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Here is our guest post from Paul @evildemondevildog. Please make sure to head on over to his instagram for a chance to win a fat quarter bundle made up of the Cotton Supreme Solid fabrics that he selected.

You know me, I spend far too much time on Instagram and not a lot of time on the blogosphere. I probably need better time management skills, but figuring that out would just interfere with my quilting.

Back in March, I posted a piece I was working on and came across a comment from RJR Fabrics inviting me to participate in their What Shade Are You blog hop. Well, you never have to ask me twice if I want to play with fabric! So with a heartfelt Yes, of course, I received their Cotton Supreme Solids color card and began plotting my quilt adventure in earnest.

So in 25 plus years of quilting, I’ve used RJR fabrics before (yes, I have a fanboy thing for the mad skills of Jinny Beyer and if you’ve not checked you Patrick Lose’s Basically Patrick line, you are missing out), but believe it or not I had never discovered their solids. And as with all things fabric, I was a kid in a candy store! As you can see over at their site, the color range is fantastic. Deciding on which ones to use was a bit of a challenge, since I just wanted them all!

I had for months been pondering doing an economy block piece. There were lots of folks doing pieces with them earlier in the year, and I felt like I had been left behind – but not in a Kirk Cameron bad movie kind of way though. And I had also become intrigued with Cotton and Steel, a division of RJR Fabrics. I had been using their basics line and was happy with the colors and patterns. Their fall 2014 line up included Tokyo Train Ride, Mesa, Cookie Book, and of course Mochi. The bunnies. Oh the bunnies.


Now to figure out the solids to go with them! Here’s what I went with: Citron, Raging Ruby (which btw needs to be obtained if for no other reason than it’s name), Denim, Riviera, Meadowland, Egg Nog, Meissen Blue, and Battleship. I also used a Cotton and Steel solid called Moonlight. Armed with these solids, I was ready to go. Here’s the complete line up!

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    thank you, Glenda! I have been thinking about doing a taritoul. There are a lot of good taritouls out there already but over time I have developed my own way of making the cases.

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    Hey Brad, Thanks for answering my qtosuien earlier. I’m quite new to html so yeah, I’ve got to get used to it. I was wondering what if instead of making my navigation horizontal I want it to be vertical? Is it possible? I mean the left side of the page would be the navigation and the right side would be where you will put the Subheading.

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