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Hi my name’s Kate and I’m relatively new to quilting (you can find me on Instagram @iamkatotron) so when RJR got in touch and asked if I would be part of their “What Shade Are You?” blog hop I was delighted and a little nervous. What could I make? I wanted to present something that was my own design but I had only ever recreated other people’s patterns before. I knew the colours I wanted to work with and had a blast looking through the colour-card picking out my fabric choices – the cotton supreme solids are fantastic. The richness of colour and the weight of the fabric made this project a dream.


I chose a ditsy floral from Cotton & Steel’s Lucky Strike collection for the back as it’s one of my all-time favourite prints.


So fabric in hand I searched in earnest for inspiration. I found a picture that was quite interesting – a close-up of a fabric weave and decided I liked the idea of creating depth but in macro scale. I started cutting in earnest and actually finished the quilt top before I realised that it just wasn’t working. It wasn’t “me”. I still haven’t figured out what my style is yet but I knew that this wasn’t it. So what to do now? I took a break from thinking about it and decided to play around with the scraps from the quilt-top. I improv-pieced them together and matchstick quilted them to make a cushion cover. I even used scraps for the piping! It was really fun and I liked the process of free-form piecing.


I decided to incorporate that element into my quilt – but the scientist in me likes order. How could I combine the two? Well the obvious answer was to use the improvised pieced top as “fabric” and make some giant blocks. I went for flying geese – a true classic and I love triangles. I really like the discordancy between the chaos of the random piecing and the rigidity of the flying geese.



I added some straight-line and free-motion quilting that was inspired by 1980s vector graphic videogames and echoed the colour of the fabric with my thread choices. I used 28wt Aurifil for the quilting in the main body of the quilt and Guterman variegated for the free-motion quilting of the geese. I also finished my first successful machine binding!


I am really happy with how it turned out and I loved working with RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids.


Many thanks to Rachael and Demetria for all their help. Happy Quilting!
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    It’s brilliant Kate! And these photos, including that fun first ‘moving’ photo, does your hard work so much credit. Be proud. Be very proud!!

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    Love the colors love the quilting. Nice job

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