What Shade are You with Karie Jewell

What shade are you?????

I’m Karie (IG karie_twokwikquilters)

I started quilting when I was pregnant with my second child… 25 years ago. I started designing and publishing patterns in 2001 and have more than 70 patterns to my name.

I was so excited when RJR asked me to participate in this project back in August and knew I wanted to make this quilt to show off the awesome colors that RJR offers. My first instinct was to go rainbow…. because, DUH!😜 But then realized so many others wonderful people had already done rainbow and I wanted to show off the color progression you can achieve with their wide range of colors offered.

I saw this photo on Pinterest from https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeatherMontgomeryArt?ref=l2-shopheader-name. This also left me the wonderful opportunity to use something other than white, gray or black for my background. I think I am totally guilty of getting stuck in my favorite color combos and forget that sometimes we need to get kicked out of our comfort zone. I have always loved color progression even more than rainbow (if you have ever had my name in a swap you know I always list the right COLOR is more important to me than a favorite designer). Blue to green has always been my favorite!

Kwik Spanish Tiles shows you just how rich and wonderful this section of the color wheel is in RJR’s collection.

I used color 234 Sea Glass for my background and 353 Twilight for my checkerboard. The center is made using 106 and 289 Proud as a Peacock.

The flower tiles were done using the following:

328 Bora Bora
274 Riviera
292 Turks & Caicos
354 Horizon
312 Wasabi
205 Wimbledon
315 Matcha
349 Aloe Verde
249 Sprout
346 Sour Apple
127 Kelly Green
329 Emerald City
290 Putting Green
389 Spearmint
391 Robin’s Egg
392 Schooner
352 Meadowland
366 Toyboat
376 Luau

To make this quilt come alive, though I knew I wanted my friend Carrie of http://www.gotchacoveredquilting.com/machine-quilting/ to do the job. She put in more than 17 hours worth of custom work into this 65″x65″ quilt using a million different Aurifil threads to make the designs pop truly making it look worthy of it’s name.

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    Gorgeous fabric colours and the quilting designs are exceptional!!!💙💚💙💚

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    Kristine Clay


    That quilting is truly incredible! What a beautiful pattern to allow the quilting to complement and detract. Such a perfect combination! Thanks for sharing and congrats on the phenomenal work!

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    Wow that is an amazing quilt! Love the soft blue background and the quilting!

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    Darleen Jewell


    Beautiful quilt and love the colors. Rarely do you stumble on another quilter with same last name.

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