What Shade are You with Jessee Maloney

Hello! My name is Jessee (IG @Jessee_ArtSchoolDropout) and I am a quilter, jewelry designer, artist, girl scout leader, mom and so so much more.

I have been working under the name Art School Dropout for almost 14 years now, but I did not start the quilting side until 7 years ago. Like many quilters, it all began when I had my daughter. I wanted to make her a custom quilt to go with her pink monster themed nursery, and the obsession was almost immediate. It was another four years until I switched over from jewelry making to quilting almost full time. It’s been an interesting transition, and I have met some of the best people along the way. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have been working on finally putting out some of my own quilt patterns lately, and RJR just happened to message me right after my newest one was released in August. Of course I had to make a version for this blog hop! It’s called the Pixelated Circles Quilt and the one shown is the largest size at 56″ square (and it’s also charm pack friendly)

My taste in color is split right in half. Sometimes I prefer to work in all black and white, and other times I want ALL the colors. For this quilt, I decided to use all of them. To kind of add a subtle pop, I used Cotton + Steel’s Sprinkles fabric with the neon pink dots as the background.

The Cotton Supreme Solid colors I chose for my quilt top are:

49 Chili Pepper
106 Denim
126 Royal Blue
127 Kelly Green
131 Carrot
159 Mandarin
182 Lemon Chiffon
215 Amethyst
230 Noel Red
249 Sprout
265 Custard
103 Tourmaline
276 Tangerine Dream
292 Turks & Caicos
296 Electric Blue
300 Blue Bayou
314 Oriole
315 Matcha
325 Scarlett Letter
326 Sunny Delight
328 Bora Bora
329 Emerald City
333 Bougainvillea
335 Feeling Blue
336 Banana Cream Pie
348 Neon
349 Aloe Verde
353 Twilight
355 Beach Coral
361 Aubergine
367 Bandana

And I couldn’t resist to add some cotton + steel prints:

Sprinkles-Jelly Bracelet 5023-011
Meadow-Midnight 4040-001

You don’t notice until you are up close and personal with the quilt. Then to add contrast, I decided on a bold black and white backing using Cotton + Steel Meadow in Midnight from the Print Shop line.

This was a lot of fun to make, and my family is very happy to have this hanging out on the couch now, especially my daughter!”

Visit my Pattern Shop and Website!

~jessee m

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    now, that makes a person happy just looking at it! Lovely design!

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    Love all the bright colours and your quilt design is awesome❤❤❤

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    Love it Jessee!!

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