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Hey, I’m Vicky from Germany. You can find me on Instagram as @vevivicky and occasionally read a blog post I publish at venividivicky.org . Always in search of the next craft project, I discovered the wonderful thing that is quilting in early 2014. Since then, quilting has guided me through grad school (I’m now an architect by day!) and has become an important stable in my life.

When thinking of a theme for the What Shade are You blog hop I remembered a design I had come up with when I had only just started quilting: three years ago my boyfriend took a job in Bern of Switzerland, which has led to our relationship to become a long distance one. We had done this before, so we are fine most of the time, still I felt the need to channel this chapter in our lives creatively with a quilt. I translated the distinctive Swiss Alps scenery into a design of mountain formations. But back then bad fabric choices (canvas, curtain cut-offs!) and a lack of piecing skills resulted in a WIP that was never finished.

So I took the chance to start over fresh with this idea. Being able to work with the super soft Cotton Supreme Solids allowed me to finally bring this design to life and make my Switzerland Quilt.

Measurements: 70” by 90”
Focus Colour (mountains): 382 Chalkboard
362 Argento,
271 Meissen Blue
358 Harlequin
352 Meadowland
314 Oriole
301 Seafoam
103 Tourmaline
387 Apricot Ice
Accent Fabric, Backing & Binding:
Flight in Natural, Cotton+Steel, Black+White 2017 collection

The design consists of equilateral triangles which calls for precise piecing to match all points. This is why I decided to use the foundation paper piecing method to achieve a crisp result. I designed the three different blocks on my computer and printed 36 blocks in whole (some of them I printed in reverse). For the actual mountain part of the block I used ‘Chalkboard’, a lovely blue-ish black colour, which comes off a lot lessblunt than a real black. The background of each block consists of two colours from the remaining bundle of solids I had picked. I grouped them so there was always a pair of a lighter and a darker fabric of the same colour family next to each other, using 8 background colours in whole. I had played around with the colour placement a little before settling on this, but I love that this strict arrangement keeps the quilt less busy and puts the mountains in the spotlight.

With quilting I stayed at the safe side and went with a simple straight grid quilting, a design I come back to every so often. I have found grid quilting to be very sturdy and since this quilt will get a lot of use I can’t beat myself up too much for playing it save. My boyfriend is actually taking it with him to Switzerland!

Like mentioned above, I loved working with RJR’s solids line. The Cotton Supreme Solids have a buttery feel and a lovely drape to them. The colours are vibrant and very true to the colour card I received. When I next stock up on solids I will definitely consult their range of beautiful solids!

For a chance to win your own ‘Swiss’ bundle of the fabrics I picked, follow me @vevivicky and @rjrfabrics on Instagram where a giveaway each is held this week.

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    Cami S.


    Inspiring! Amazing creation

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    The best Swiss mountains I ever saw.This is a stunning vibrant quilt! I so love it!

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    Mary D


    Love this quilt.

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