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Hey everyone! I’m Jessica, from JessicaQuilter on Instagram. I am so honored to be asked to participate in the RJR What Shade Are You blog tour. I am so excited to share with you my journey of working with the RJR Cotton Supreme fabrics! I am a stay at home mom, who homeschools our 13 year old son, and runs a custom quilting business where I design my own patterns and love making t-shirt quilts. You can check out more on my website jessicaquilter.com.

Choosing a group of colors from the amazing gorgeous color card RJR sent was not a hard decision for me. The color purple has always been “My Color.” Ask anyone who has ever known me, what shade am I and they will answer “Purple.” I have had a purple room since I was a kid, and my sewing room is purple walls with teal accents. The different shades of blue and teal were always a close second favorite in my book. Adding in a bit of fuchsia/pinks with a bright highlight of lime green, and now we are in the sweet spot for me. These colors remind me of jewels, flowers, and best of all CANDY!!!

The RJR Cotton Supremes I chose are the following:
Aloe Verde #349
Bora Bora #328
Turks and Caicos #292
Pools Side #327
Electric Blue #296
Royal Blue #126
Cloud 9 #281
Grape #121
Amethyst #215
Hydrangea #214
Bougainville #333
Aubergine #361
Opera Mauve #123

Choosing the right pattern for these colors came easy for me. To make “My Plaid” I used my “Spring Plaid Quilt” pattern. I had the idea for this quilt a long time ago. It came about from an idea I got while shopping for new flannel shirts online one day. I thought of how different prints of plaid can sort of define different decades of my life. I thought, “If I were to create a plaid that is a timeless ‘Me’ plaid, what would it look like?” And so began the process of sketching out my dream plaid quilt. I knew immediately that I wanted there to be a larger section alongside of a more tighter-knit and woven group. The idea of the woven rows extending out into the border, and then into the binding, came much later in the creating process. I made the center of the quilt and then after adding my last border I knew the binding had to echo the last woven border completely.

The RJR Cotton Supreme fabrics are absolutely divine! Not only are they soft but the richness of the colors are simply scrumptious!

As a general rule for myself, in the beginning process of working with a fabric, if it gives me grief while I am pressing the fabric before cutting it, I tend to not use the fabric. But these Cotton Supremes were so stable, so sturdy, and high quality to work with. They iron so well, and don’t even get me started about the excitement I felt while working with these under the machine! Let me just say that they sew like a dream!

I quilted the “My Plaid” with a poly/cotton blend batting that I tend to use on most of my quilts. My quilter LOVED these fabrics! The thread just sunk right into them and created that oh-so-yummy-crinkly-goodness we love as quilters!

When I was hand stitching the binding down, I kept thinking of how buttery-soft these fabrics were. I can’t wait to make something else with them!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know that my family and I recently moved to Lexington, Kentucky. The pictures here are taken all over my new city. We loved the background the barns and horse statues provided. I hope you enjoy them too!

This is the first quilt I made from start to finish in my new home in Lexington, Kentucky. It will forever have a deeper meaning to me besides having the privilege of sharing this with you.

The backing fabrics I chose for “My Plaid” are two prints from the RJR company Cotton and Steel. I love the rich purple-plum and teal. I couldn’t make up my mind which one to use, so they both got a piece of the action!

I quilted “My Plaid” on my quilter in a meandering block-chase design. I free-hand quilt all of my quilts, so the designs do not have an exact name. But I really wanted to echo the squared off shapes within the pattern. I absolutely love how the quilting looks on the RJR Cotton Supremes! These fabrics are just begging to be quilted!

Making one project wasn’t quite enough for me! I really wanted to use up the leftovers from My Plaid. So, I made Mini Plaid!

Isn’t it just the cutest thing?! This mini quilt measures 18.5” x 20”. You can also get this pattern in my Craftsy Shop HERE. The RJR Cotton Supremes were just so easy to work with and the colors made this little mini shine! I just love it so much and have it hanging in my sewing room already! I want to thank the RJR team who invited me to participate in the #whatshadeareyou blog. I am so very excited to join such an amazing and talented group of quilt makers before me. I have created “My Plaid” as a pattern for you to download. It can be found in my Craftsy shop HERE. If you would like to buy the exact colors I used, my local quilt shop, Quilters Square will have kits you can purchase too, just click HERE. I hope you enjoy working with the RJR #cottonsupremesolids as much as I did!

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    Susan Spiers


    Love the colors you chose-perfect together & the quilting you did is amazing! Plaids have always been my go-to choice in shirts& skirts – your quilts are just lovely! Thank you for sharing, Susan

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    Such bright colors! I especially like the quilting. Really got a kick out of the photo of the quilt on the horse statue!

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    WOW! Absolutely love the pattern you designed. The RJR fabric colors are so luscious.i love the interesting guilting. Great work!!!

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    Love, love, LOVE “My Plaid “….

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    Brenda Ackerman


    Hello Jessica, I totally adore the fabrics you chose to create this fantastic quilt! I usually go for a more traditional style of pattern, but am very flexible on fabric choices (there are just far to many gorgeous, unique and perfect to work with) available to stay in one area. Yet, your pattern is such an eye catcher, I know I would make it a couple of times! Thank you for sharing your fantastic photos and quilt! Have a great day!

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    Mary D


    What an awesome quilt. I love the colors chosen, the quilt layout and the quilting. Perfect.

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