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Hello, my fellow fabric lovers!

I’m Shannon, the designer, quilter and all-around textile lover behind Shannon Fraser Designs.

When I received the invitation from RJR Fabrics to participate in their What Shade Are You blog series, I was beyond excited. Excited is probably an understatement, as I literally broke out into a happy dance 😉

I was thrilled to get the chance to work with their Cotton Supreme Solids for the first time. And curious to see what colourway I would end up selecting. Before receiving the color cards, my immediate reaction was “I will get to play with tons of corals”!! Right? With my love of coral, how could I not?

But then the color cards showed up in the mail, and I was continuously drawn to these shades of greens and teal blues. I couldn’t resist how much they were calling to me. Having never made a green quilt, my creative side was intrigued and I wanted to explore. So, I went for it!

Just look at these blues and greens – could you resist them?!

I’m not normally a green girl. I like the colour. I just don’t love it. But that all changed with this project!

And, I didn’t stop at just the blues and greens. Oh no, I decided I wanted a subtle yellow to pull the color scheme together so it wasn’t too green and blue. I think the hit of yellow helps everything sing together. I just love these colors and feel they are perfect for the quilt pattern I designed for their use.

I had recently created a mini quilt based on a plus pattern I was mulling. Plus style quilts have been on my to-make list for quite awhile now and that little Rainbow Plus mini quilt had me wanting more. This was the perfect opportunity to expand on that concept by incorporating more depth to the design by expanding on that 3-dimensional effect.

I’ve called it Plus Infinity since the design looks like it goes on into infinity…at least I hope that’s how it looks to you 😉

The same quilt block is replicated in many different sizes and it felt like the perfect design to showcase the varying hues of blues and greens. From the bold Teal, Emerald City, and Schooner to the softness of Pistachio, Julep and Notting Hill they all play so well together. The Tourmaline does a great job of grounding the eye and harmonizing the design.

What’s great about this pattern is that, although it looks quite complex, the quilt comes together surprisingly quickly, thanks to all that chain piecing! If you love a good chain piecing session, then this pattern is for you!

I used no less than 21 different Cotton Supreme Solids in this quilt and it was a great lesson in how different color values can really add depth and character to a quilt design. Here are all the colors I used:
Julep #403
Toyboat #366
Spearmint #389
Emerald City #329
Jam Jar #400
Gift Box #291
Putting Green #290
Teal #401
Spruce #402
Notting Hill #309
Robin’s Egg #391
Schooner #392
Pistachio #404
Spring #405
Lucky Green #406
Grove #407
Sour Apple #346
Kelly Green #127
Neon #348
Sprout #249
Tourmaline #103

For the backing, I ended up opting for the Mochi Floral Purple print designed by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Cotton + Steel. One, because it’s simply a gorgeous print! But, mainly because I loved the whimsical design paired with the geometric quilt pattern. I love balancing out my quilts with a mix of both hard lines and more fluid designs.

To compliment the quilt design, I opted for straight line quilting in the central Plus using Aurifil Cotton Mako Thread in 40wt. I then stitched in the ditch around all the medium and small pluses so they popped a little. For additional dimension, I then added some big stitch hand quilting using Pearl Cotton Thread in size 8 in various shades of blues and green. I adore the effect! And, it ended up pairing really well with the backing fabric too!

To frame everything, I opted for a darker binding in the shade Spruce.

I absolutely adore this quilt, but I wish you could FEEL her! The Cotton Supreme Solids feel amazing to the touch. I can’t stop petting her!

This project reinforced my realization that I’m an equal opportunity color enthusiast! Even if a shade is not your immediate go-to, don’t discount it from your creative repertoire. I think you’ll be amazed at what you end up creating when you step outside your comfort zone!

I hope you will give the Plus Infinity quilt pattern a try! The one pictured here is a generous lap size measuring about 70ʺ x 70”, but the pattern also includes measurements for a queen size that nets out at about 92” x 92”. If you give it a go, I would love to see what RJR Fabrics you end up selecting as your colourway. There are so many possibilities here and, with the vast selection of Cotton Supreme Solids to choose from, the creative options are endless!

To follow along on my creative journey, you can find me at www.shannonfraserdesigns.ca and on Instagram @shannonfraserdesigns where I share daily updates. I hope to see you there!

A special thank you to Rachael for inviting me to participate in the What Share Are You series and coordinating the delivery of ALL these gorgeous fabrics.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this project as much I enjoyed making it 😊

Happy quilting!

xo, Shannon

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    Beth T.


    This is a stunning quilt!

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    Mary D


    What a beautiful quilt. Loving this, the color theme, the plusses, all of it. Great job.

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