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RYCO is well known in the New England area. Possibly because of it’s location which is an old cotton bleachery mill that was built in 1884 at the start of the cotton trade in Rhode Island. It is a huge mill with over 15000 sq ft of fun. This store is the passion of all who are in it. Our customers, the people who work here, and the neighborhood itself which has many historic buildings and homes.


When you walk in to RYCO you will think you have stepped back in time with the old antique sewing machines that are scattered about on top of the fabric shelving and the many handmade quilts hanging from rafters and pipes. Much of the building remains as it was in it’s heyday! Another thing that will make you feel you have stepped back in time is our old fashioned customer service. Everyone is treated like they are family here. When customers are finished shopping there is a seating area where they can sit and have a cup of tea if they would like.



Our major event is “Teachers Textiles and Tea.” Sept 17 2016. We show case our many teachers since we have many classes. Customers can meet them, see what they teach and talk to them. At the event we’ll have our new products, home made cupcakes and tea.



Is RYCO your local quilt shop? Don’t miss out on one three major sales events they have per year happening this weekend!

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    Being from RI I’m very familiar with Ryco. I grew up sewing and am now mostly a quilter. They carry so many different fabrics I’ve made velvet gowns to cotton quilts shopping there. I judge all store’s staff against this wonderful group. An amazingly welcoming place to be!

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    Love your store

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