Common Threads quilt block with Jamie Fingal

The Common Threads quilt at Fall Quilt Market. Each designer was asked to design a 8×8 square in their signature style with their fabric line. Since my line wasn’t available yet, I used some fun dots and stripes for my window.

Here is my little window. This was designed by my daughter who just whipped it up in no time. Our dog, a crown (because he is king), and cup of coffee (our fav drink), a bird (for Linda) and a pink donut (we love donuts).

Now for the exciting part! My fabric has arrived for me to start making projects. So, my first order of business was to make a mini quilt 12×12. I use wool blended felt on the inside of my quilts, instead of batting. I am cutting the felt 12×12 for my project.

All of my fabrics have been pre-fused with Mistyfuse. This is the way that I make all of my quilts. I selected my background fabric and placed it over the felt. Flipping it up, you can see a sheen on the fabric – that is the Mistyfuse.

Pressing it into place with my dry iron (Bess) on the cotton setting. I run the iron over the top in a circular motion making sure that I include the edges.

In order to cut off the parts that are hanging over the edge, I flip the felt over and cut from the back, using the felt as my guide. You could also use a rotary cutter to do this too. Sometimes for me, it is easier to just use a pair of sharp scissors.

Now we are at the design phase. A quick drawing of the square that I will use as my guide to fussy cut the objects.

Fabric for the dog. Thinking about how to start.

I just started cutting. The ears and neck are separate, and easy to put together with the dog head.

Okay, then comes scale. Is the dog head too small? Too large? From where I sit it looks fine…

Now if you put all of the pieces together, the dog head is much too large. I decide to not start over because I don’t want to waste the fabric. So, I cut it down the size where all of the objects fit together. It took a couple of tweaks here and there.

Adding the donut, which is also fussy cut. When cutting out a donut, the easiest way to cut the hole is to fold the circle in half and then cut a half circle. Easy peasy.

I want to add some features to the dog head, so I am using a Pentel Gel Roller for fabric. It goes on like butter and is permanent.

Here is my sketch with my design. Happy camper here!

These are the fabrics that I used in my mini quilt from my new hopscotch line of blenders!

And hopscotch was his name-O with binding!

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    Lori M.


    So cute.. Thank you for sharing how you made this…..I have a dog too but he does not think of himself as kingly but as the same size as the little 4lb. Chichuhua who is his bestest friend…..

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