Common Threads Block with Vanessa Stevens

Hi! Vanessa here, the “flaurie” half of flaurie & finch. The “finch” comes from Linda Fitch, who is my design buddy and Creative Director for RJR Fabrics. Linda and I work at the RJR headquarters in California, where we design our signature flaurie & finch line as well as an in-house line called RJR Studio. We also work with several licensed designers throughout the art and strike off phase of their collections.

Every designer brings a unique perspective to RJR, so we fell in love with the idea of making a collaborative quilt where each designer could create a window, giving a peek into her singular style. It’s amazing to me how each block looks so distinct to it’s creator, but somehow they all work together so well in the quilt. It’s like one big kooky quilty family apartment building.

I knew right away that I wanted to include flowers in my block. It’s safe to say that I don’t have a green thumb in real life, despite my love of flowers. I think that’s why I so enjoy drawing and designing floral prints. (No watering necessary!) I came up with 4 different window designs, each using the same pieced window background and fussy cut flowers along the edge of the flower box. The one on the top left made it into the quilt.

Top left: Background includes Shiny Objects and Cotton Supreme Solids. Flowers are from Daisy Blue.

Top right: Background and flowers are from Blossom Batiks Valley.

Bottom Left: Background is from Shiny Objects. Flowers are from Oasis.

Bottom Right: Background is from Shiny Objects and Cotton Supreme Solids. Flowers are from Oasis.

My favorite way of approaching a quilt design is to do a simple pieced background with appliqué on top. I’ve never tried turn under appliqué; I’m not that brave (yet). I prefer to do fused and top stitched appliqué because it’s simple and quick, plus I like the texture of the raw edge of the fabric. I backed my Daisy Blue fabric with Misty Fuse and fussy cut out the individual daisies.

Got all of the pieces cut out and ready to go.

Aaaand it’s done!

If you’d like to make your own window, you can download my block template here. The flowers can be fussy cut from any floral print – I hear flaurie & finch makes some killer ones!

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    Thanks you so much for the template. I want to try this!!

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