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Hi there! Vanessa and Linda here from flaurie & finch. We’re fabric and pattern designers for RJR Fabrics and we’re super excited to share our #whatshadeareyou Quilt today. Presenting Daisy Daydream – Rainbow Edition.

When we were asked to participate in the What Shade are You blog hop, we knew right away that we wanted to revisit one of our favorite patterns, Daisy Daydream, which we designed with our first line of Blossom Batiks. This quilt is the epitome of our favorite technique in designing patterns– that is to have organic shapes appliquéd onto a structured pieced ground. The contrast of the geometric and natural, free flowing shapes makes for an interesting and unexpected composition. This is the original quilt:

Making a quilt entirely from solids is a bit of a departure for us; we typically work with batiks, screen prints and digital prints with the occasional solid as a background or accent color. I have to say, the Cotton Supreme Solids were a delight to work with and there are so many colors to choose from, which is awesome because we were able to capture the multi colored rainbow-ness of the original quilt. The colors we selected are: 274-Riviera, 292-Turks and Caicos, 354-Horizon, 374-Atlantica, 426-Seaside, 030-Navy, 392-Schooner, 407-Grove, 329-Emerald City, 402-Spruce, 408-Leaf, 249-Sprout, 375-Think Green, 349-Aloe Verde, 127-Kelly Green, 103-Tourmaline, 384-Citrus, 326-Sunny Delight, 131-Carrot, 276-Tangerine Dream, 150-Canvas, 338-Flamingo, 414-Gelato, 367-Bandana, 049-Chili Pepper, 356-Moulin Rouge, 217-Hot Pink, 311-Rio, 218-Pink Sapphire, 357-Sunset Ruby, 287-Raging Ruby, 371-Melody, 279-Purple Haze, 333-Bouganvilla, 121-Grape, 280-Night, 370-Swan, 032-Linen White, 283-On the Rocks, and last but not least, 319-Overcast

The background is designed to feel like a random, scrappy collage, so the pieces are all different sizes and fit together like a puzzle. Before we started sewing anything, we laid out all of the pieces to double check our cuts and to make sure we liked the color placement.

We assembled the quilt, piece-by-piece, then section-by-section. It came together very quickly and without difficulty – the seam ripper made only one appearance!

We debated whether or not to add a border and in the end we decided to go with a 3-inch border like the original quilt. We chose teal because we just love teal.

Once the ground was done, we moved onto the appliqué. A few years ago, our friend Jamie Fingal (also a designer for RJR) taught us how to do raw edge appliqué and we’ve been hooked ever since. She also turned us on to Mistyfuse, a lightweight fusible adhesive webbing. It doesn’t have a paper backing, so there is no extra adhesive to add bulk or gum up your scissors or sewing machine.

We started by cutting out the paper templates and sorting them by color. As you can see there were A LOT of pieces – over 150!

Next, we applied the Mistyfuse to the fabric. One handy thing about solids is that there is no wrong side of the fabric, so the fusible webbing can be applied to either side. We used a Goddess sheet between the Mistyfuse and the iron to avoid sticking but you can also use wax paper. After it cooled, we peeled the Goddess sheet off and the fabric was ready to be cut up. We attached the paper templates to the non-adhesive side of the fabric using an adhesive roller (but you could also just pin them on). Cutting out the appliqué pieces was definitely the most time consuming part of the project, but we knew it would pay off in the end.

Then the fun part – We assembled the flowers according to the pattern. Having the paper templates still attached to the pieces was essential because each piece is numbered so it can easily be found in the appliqué placement diagram. Once the pieces were laid out, we pressed them into place with the iron.

Next we laid the leaves, stems, and whole flowers on top of the background and pressed them into place.

In keeping with the rainbow theme, we chose a multi colored digital print called Confetti Punch from The Paper Garden, our first digitally printed fabric collection. Fun fact – we created this print by hole punching LOTS of tissue paper and then throwing it all over the place!

We decided to do the quilting ourselves – we’re super lucky to have a Handi Quilter Simply Sixteen long arm in our studio at the RJR Fabrics headquarters. We haven’t quite mastered the machine yet, but we are learning and improving with each quilt. We started by stitching around the edges of the appliqué and adding some detail within the leaves and the flower centers. For the background, we went with alternating horizontal and vertical lines, following the geometric layout.

The Cotton Supreme Solids definitely did justice to the pattern. We’re thrilled with how the quilt turned out – it’s already getting some use on this rainy January day. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @flaurieandfinch to see more of our quilt and fabric designs. Hope to see you there!

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    Love, love, love this quilt!!

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    Really has taken my breath away. Never have had a bigger pull at my heartstrings like this to want to sew a quilt. Stunning! 💖😍

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    Quilting Tangent



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    A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!! Love it! ❤💕❤💕❤

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