Designer Booth at SQM15 Lynette Anderson


Pictured here is Lynette Anderson, in her booth at Spring Quilt Market. She has a vibrant personality with many creative ideas. Her booth showcases her designer talents from the quilts on display, down to the intricate displays along her tables.


Here is a sneak peak of a display showcases her newest collection, Needles and Pins.

Designer Booth Spring Quilt Market Kids Quilts


Kid’s Quilt booth at Spring Quilt Market showcased their latest line, Apple Hill Farm. Rachael’s home near Wanaka in New Zealand’s South Island is neighbored by a farm, and this is what inspired the mother-daughter duo to choose this theme for their next line. Since it was Autumn, when the two were designing the line, and apples were plentiful, so there was no question as to what was the right fruit to accent the farm. Christine’s daily foraging for wild apples with her grandchildren inspired her to infuse the line with apple trees and apples, and she spared no design. Apples are everywhere.


Designer Booth at SQM2015 Audrey Wright


Here is a picture of our designer, Audrey Wright, in her booth at Spring Quilt Market. I had a chance to meet with her for the first time and discuss the upcoming projects for this year’s latest release of her new fabric line, Redwork Meets Bluework. She is posed here with her last year’s block of the month program, Letters Home, which is also named after her fabric line.


Here’s a close-up of quilt project, Letters Home.

Designer Booth: Brenda Ratliff


Brenda Ratliff of Just A Bit Frayed showcases her winning first place blue ribbon at Spring Quilt Market 2015 for the category for Single Booth design. She is a very talented designer and debuted her first collection with RJR, Pie Making Day.


From Left, the 1st quilt is a sampler made from the booth Vintage Quilt Revival; quilt made from the book Modern Buzz Saw; next is a a quilt by Rossie Hutchinson that teaches this technique in a class nationally. On the right we have Patches Plus quilt pattern by Brenda Ratliff; next is Picnic day by Brenda Ratliff which will be featured in a magazine this coming Summer (stay tuned to find out which one!); and last is a quilt by Mary Hogan to be placed in her new book coming out soon from Landauer.

Our New RJR Booth

IMG_0603 AJ Sheridan on the left and Kyler Dannels on the right.

Kyler Dannels went to school with Sarah Watts, of Cotton + Steel, in Florida. They met up 10 years later upon going separate ways after graduation. They met up in Atlanta, while Kyler was working for Ralph Lauren in New York City. Upon visiting Sarah in Atlanta and becoming familiar with the area, cost of living and lifestyle, along with wanting a desire for a change of pace, decided that moving there would be a great new adventure.