What Shade are You with Jen Van Orman

I am Jen Van Orman of @heritage.threads and I am so beyond excited to be sharing this quilt with you today. I was interested in quilting growing up as I saw my mother making quilts. I took a long hiatus from quilting until I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. Quilting has been my solace as I dealt with postpartum depression, toddler tantrums, and life in general. Creating something, anything, out of fabric really does soothe my soul.

When I had the opportunity to work with RJR’s cotton supreme solids I *maybe* cried just a little. I love, love solids and how much they can change a pattern into something completely different than intended. If you’ve ever worked with Cotton + Steel fabrics, these solids have the exact same hand and feel. They are such a dream to work with!!

I chose 25 colors to use in my quilt. It was really hard to just narrow it down to 25 from all of the beautiful options, but here they are:

Apricot Ice 387 Flamingo 338 Guava 373 Ballerina 176 Bubblegum 244 Hot Pink 217 Sweet Pea 420 Pink Sapphire 218 Rhododendron 181 Hydrangea 214 Violet 423 Bougainvillea 333 Aubergine 361 Perinwinkle 334 Harbor 280 Night 280 Sea Glass 234 Pistachio 404 Julep 403 Robin’s Egg 392 Turks & Caicos 292 Meadowland 352 Emerald City 329 Mermaid 393 Argento 362

I very loosely based my Confetti Bomb quilt off of a quilt I saw in Love Patchwork & Quilting November 2015 issue entitled “Snowfall” by Tied with a Ribbon. I took Jemima’s idea and it grew from there into this quilt.

I had quite a few moments of panic during the creative process, as I almost always do. My brain goes from “This is the best idea ever!” to “Oh my goodness! What was I thinking!” all within the space of fabric cutting to block assembly. I am hoping I’m not alone in this process. It is terrifying, and invigorating all at once.

Once I started laying out my blocks, I just had to let my plans for a specific layout all go out the window and let the fabric speak to me. In the end, I feel like this quilt ended up being better than I had originally hoped. In fact, it has propelled me to be more bold in my background choice for other quilts and push me further outside of my comfort zone. The quilting, done by Kaoline Parry @quilterlove66, really completed the look I was hoping for.

A big thank you to RJR fabrics for trusting me with your beautiful fabrics and to my husband and boys for being so patient as we paraded around town taking photos. The “Quilt with Love” slogan is alive and well in this quilt because of them.

What Shade are You with Lesley Storts

#WhatShadeAreYou – RJR Fabrics – Game Night Quilt by Lesley Storts

Even though my quilting experience goes back many years, my use of solid colored cotton for projects was limited until a couple of years ago. I caught glimpses of people’s quilts with solids and realized that I wanted to play! Several projects have been started, some completed, and then I was asked by RJR Fabrics if I would like to participate in their What Shade Are You Blog Hop. The answer was a resounding yes! I had already sketched out a project that I wanted to make with solids and after reviewing the abundant array of colors on RJR’s color card, I knew this project would have the variety needed to pull it off.

This is the list of fabrics I ended up using:

Cowboy 383
Chocolate 199
Marmalade 304
Custard 265
Martini Olive 343
Neon 348
Grove 407
Chalkboard 382
Silver 125
Golden Topaz 285
Chili Pepper 49
Tangerine Dream 276
Banana Cream Pie 336
Lucky Green 406
Turks & Caicos 292
Jacaranda 317
Goldenrod 92
Electric Blue 296
Scarlet Letter 325
Aloe Vera 349
Rhododendron 181
Lake 427
Orange Crush 372

In answering the question, What Shade Are You?, my answer is that I am shade competitive…but just a shade. My solid fabric quilts have ended up being stories about my life and experiences. This quilt is no different and reminds me of happy times in life. My mom taught me to play backgammon and Chinese checkers when I was a kid and my aunt and uncle taught me how to play Othello (yes, that’s Othello in the bottom right corner). We played these games often. Just a quick round or two but mostly 3 because we wanted to see who won the best 2 out of 3. Growing up, I played cards with girlfriends at camp, at sleepovers, or solitaire by myself. When I was dating my husband, I was introduced to Euchre. It’s against the rules to live in Ohio and not know how to play this game. At least that’s what I was told when we moved here and I was just compliant and learned – haha! Our family and friends play all kinds of games on a regular basis when we socialize.

My quilt, Game Night, originated from these happy times. Backgammon was made from a foundation paper piece template that I created. Top right is the traditional block, card trick. Chinese checkers is based on the Star of Bethlehem block and I created a foundation paper piece template for the triangles. Othello is a classic checker board pattern.

RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids are fantastic for many reasons. As mentioned before, the color choices are exceptional and just as vibrant in person as they are in the pictures. The weight of fabric and how it lays makes it so easy to quilt. There is minimal fraying or stretching. Using RJR’s solids for this project was exactly what I needed.

Last year, a quilt friend of mine showed a “potholder” quilt at guild. I was intrigued. Potholder quilts date from the US American Civil War and were created from individual blocks that are completely finished and bound then stitched together. I had wanted to try this technique and this project was ideal.

Constructing the quilts was fun and sometimes challenging, but the quilting was the best part! I tried hard to elicit the feel of the different games through the quilting. Both backgammon and Othello have fairly minimalist game boards so there are a lot of straight lines.

Chinese checkers is round! I was thinking and talking about how I could make the circular game board work and my daughter suggested quilting it in. Creating an image with the thread was especially satisfying.

When I think of traditional playing cards, I think of the swirling designs on the card backs and tried to replicate that with free motion quilting.

The fabric is so vibrant it almost looks electric! The only rule for picking the back was that it be bright and fun. I love the way that RJR’s solid fabric showcases the quilting.

Are you ready to have fun playing with RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids? Head on over to Instagram and find @rjrfabrics or me @lesleystorts for details about a giveaway with all of the colors I used to create Game Night. You can also find me on my blog at StortsMarket.com.

Happy Quilting ▶︎ ▶︎ ▶︎

What Shade are You with Friederike Stanke

I’m so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to sew a quilt with RJR’s beautiful solids. I’ve been sewing (more or less) my whole life, but only started to seriously dive into the world of (modern) quilting and the Instagram community in 2013 (I’m @piecestopatch over there). Solids are what I’m always drawn to, because I just love the simplicity, while they also offer endless possibilities to change patterns. When I was asked by RJR to participate in the Blog Hop, I immediately thought of Inaluxe designs I had just seen in the German issue of Flow Magazine. So while I would have loved to just turn one of their designs into a quilt, I took a step back and just let the inspiration flow. Once the colors were set and I also knew that I wanted to sew something with curves, I tried out different design ideas.

While I still love these designs, I think the circles needed to be smaller for it to really work. Another WIP on the list 😉 So back to basics: Circles. And while I’m usually an all-white background kind-a-gal, I stepped outside my comfort zone and used colored background fabrics. But then the next decision snuck up on me: how to quilt this beauty? And again, I had ideas that I loved in theory, but just couldn’t get myself to quilt on my domestic machine.

And again, back to basics (notice a theme here?!): Circles. I was unsure if it was too simple to quilt circles with just circles but you don’t know until you try, right? So here it is, in all its glory: circles on circles in the most beautiful spring bloom colors.

The pictures were taken in the gardens of Schwetzingen Castle. I could have taken a million pictures and will definitely go back there for the next quilty photo session. So many great angels, buildings and photo props.

The binding is very scrappy, but I think it worked out great for the overall design.

And just one last shout out to the best husband and friends in the world, who endured -7°C with a baby and a toddler (who cried for two hours straight), just so I could get the perfect picture. THANK YOU!

This is the list of fabrics I ended up using:

Beach House 242
Blue Skies 264
Bordeaux 82
Canvas 150
Chartreuse 284
Cove 294
Fairy Princess 237
Goldilocks 368
Hedge 247
Mahana Beach 229
Moonlight 365
Notting Hill 309
Oriole 314
Pea in a Pod 359
Peridot 342
Rhododendron 181
Ginko 303
Rio 311
Seafoam 301
Silver 125
Sunny Delight 326
Tickled Pink 330

Thank you RJR for giving me the opportunity to sew with your fabrics. They were a dream to work with, minimal fraying, very smooth and beautiful saturated colors.

What Shade are You with Nikki Clark Murray

Hello everyone! I’m Nikki Clark Murray aka @babylovequilts on Instagram. I am a avid sewer of quilts, blankets, and baby accessories and I am so happy to be sharing my latest quilt design with you all. When RJR Fabrics asked me to be a part of this blog hop, I was so excited I screamed a little, which was then followed by lots and lots of dancing.

I have been designing my own quilts for several years now, and I knew from the start of this project that I was going to design something brand spanking new for it. I had so many designs floating around in my head, I knew it was going to be hard to pick just one.

The inspiration for the quilt came to me one day while I was on a walk with my kids. I saw the quote “be the rainbow in someone’s cloud” earlier that day and thought… How can I make that into a quilt? Naturally the quilt had to be a burst of color, seeing as its a rainbow, so I opened up the color card and started planning. 34 colors later, this is what I chose for the quilt top…

Moulin Rouge
Chili Pepper
Beach Coral
Tangerine Dream
Sunny Side Up
Sunny Delight
Lemon Chiffon
Sour Apple
Kelly Green
Turks and Caicos
Electric Blue
Lapis Lazuli
Grey Stone

For the backing I chose the Cotton + Steel’s Printshop Starry in Seaglass as I thought it went well with the theme of the quilts, plus that print is just super adorable.

In the end, the quilt turned out to be more beautiful than I thought. It measures at 60×72 and consists of 270 half square triangles.

After I was done taking pictures of the quilt, I realized that this will be the first quilt, in a long time, that I actually get to keep for myself! I haven’t been able to do some selfish sewing in a very long time, and when I do, I never get to fully finish it (you should see my UFO pile, its HUGE). So thank you RJR Fabrics for asking me to make a quilt using their amazing Cotton Supreme Solids, they are truly wonderful to work with and for allowing me to finish a project that turned out truly amazing.

Be sure to stop by @rjrfabrics and my page @babylovequilts, as there will be an amazing giveaway. Trust me its something you dont want to miss out on.

What Shade are You with Jessee Maloney

Hello! My name is Jessee (IG @Jessee_ArtSchoolDropout) and I am a quilter, jewelry designer, artist, girl scout leader, mom and so so much more.

I have been working under the name Art School Dropout for almost 14 years now, but I did not start the quilting side until 7 years ago. Like many quilters, it all began when I had my daughter. I wanted to make her a custom quilt to go with her pink monster themed nursery, and the obsession was almost immediate. It was another four years until I switched over from jewelry making to quilting almost full time. It’s been an interesting transition, and I have met some of the best people along the way. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have been working on finally putting out some of my own quilt patterns lately, and RJR just happened to message me right after my newest one was released in August. Of course I had to make a version for this blog hop! It’s called the Pixelated Circles Quilt and the one shown is the largest size at 56″ square (and it’s also charm pack friendly)

My taste in color is split right in half. Sometimes I prefer to work in all black and white, and other times I want ALL the colors. For this quilt, I decided to use all of them. To kind of add a subtle pop, I used Cotton + Steel’s Sprinkles fabric with the neon pink dots as the background.

The Cotton Supreme Solid colors I chose for my quilt top are:

49 Chili Pepper
106 Denim
126 Royal Blue
127 Kelly Green
131 Carrot
159 Mandarin
182 Lemon Chiffon
215 Amethyst
230 Noel Red
249 Sprout
265 Custard
103 Tourmaline
276 Tangerine Dream
292 Turks & Caicos
296 Electric Blue
300 Blue Bayou
314 Oriole
315 Matcha
325 Scarlett Letter
326 Sunny Delight
328 Bora Bora
329 Emerald City
333 Bougainvillea
335 Feeling Blue
336 Banana Cream Pie
348 Neon
349 Aloe Verde
353 Twilight
355 Beach Coral
361 Aubergine
367 Bandana

And I couldn’t resist to add some cotton + steel prints:

Sprinkles-Jelly Bracelet 5023-011
Meadow-Midnight 4040-001

You don’t notice until you are up close and personal with the quilt. Then to add contrast, I decided on a bold black and white backing using Cotton + Steel Meadow in Midnight from the Print Shop line.

This was a lot of fun to make, and my family is very happy to have this hanging out on the couch now, especially my daughter!”

Visit my Pattern Shop and Website!

~jessee m

What Shade are You with Karie Jewell

What shade are you?????

I’m Karie (IG karie_twokwikquilters)

I started quilting when I was pregnant with my second child… 25 years ago. I started designing and publishing patterns in 2001 and have more than 70 patterns to my name.

I was so excited when RJR asked me to participate in this project back in August and knew I wanted to make this quilt to show off the awesome colors that RJR offers. My first instinct was to go rainbow…. because, DUH!😜 But then realized so many others wonderful people had already done rainbow and I wanted to show off the color progression you can achieve with their wide range of colors offered.

I saw this photo on Pinterest from https://www.etsy.com/shop/HeatherMontgomeryArt?ref=l2-shopheader-name. This also left me the wonderful opportunity to use something other than white, gray or black for my background. I think I am totally guilty of getting stuck in my favorite color combos and forget that sometimes we need to get kicked out of our comfort zone. I have always loved color progression even more than rainbow (if you have ever had my name in a swap you know I always list the right COLOR is more important to me than a favorite designer). Blue to green has always been my favorite!

Kwik Spanish Tiles shows you just how rich and wonderful this section of the color wheel is in RJR’s collection.

I used color 234 Sea Glass for my background and 353 Twilight for my checkerboard. The center is made using 106 and 289 Proud as a Peacock.

The flower tiles were done using the following:

328 Bora Bora
274 Riviera
292 Turks & Caicos
354 Horizon
312 Wasabi
205 Wimbledon
315 Matcha
349 Aloe Verde
249 Sprout
346 Sour Apple
127 Kelly Green
329 Emerald City
290 Putting Green
389 Spearmint
391 Robin’s Egg
392 Schooner
352 Meadowland
366 Toyboat
376 Luau

To make this quilt come alive, though I knew I wanted my friend Carrie of http://www.gotchacoveredquilting.com/machine-quilting/ to do the job. She put in more than 17 hours worth of custom work into this 65″x65″ quilt using a million different Aurifil threads to make the designs pop truly making it look worthy of it’s name.

What Shade are you with Jenn Nevitt

Hi! I’m Jenn Nevitt and I blog at www.mommysew.com. I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl, and took up quilting after the birth of my oldest child. I was so excited when RJR contacted me about being part of their “What Shade Are You” blog hop. I’d seen several of the amazing quilts that had been created up to that time, and I knew I wanted to do something bright with many colors! I’d been working on several traditional patchwork blocks at the time, and I knew I wanted to step outside my comfort zone a bit. I had seen an image online of a curved pinwheel block, and thought that would be a fun design. But I wanted to be able to incorporate more colors, so I planned for each petal of each pinwheel to be a different shade of the same color from the others in its block.

Honestly, the hardest part of making this quilt was narrowing down my colors from all the lovely ones RJR makes! I chose these 24, and used Optic White for my background:

The Cotton Supreme Solid colors I chose for my quilt top are:

Sunny Side Up
Tangerine Dream
Sunny Delight
Hot Pink
Lapis Lazuli
Lancaster Sky
Royal Blue
Kelly Green
Emerald City
Putting Green
Pool Side
Turks and Caicos
Aloe Verde
Sour Apple

I used Jen Carlton Bailey’s quarter circle template (http://www.bettycrockerass.com/shop/) to make my curves, and randomly arranged the finished pinwheels until I had a layout I liked!

I quilted with straight lines to oppose the curved lines, and bound with scraps of teals, greens and blues.

When it came time to take pictures, I knew I wanted to use this amazing mural on the outside of an art gallery here in Fort Worth – it’s a perfect spot for pictures of a bright quilt!

I just love the way this quilt turned out – exactly as I had pictured it in my head, and I LOVED working with the Cotton Supreme Solids. They cut and sewed like a dream, and the colors are gorgeous! I’ve made a bunch of quilts using solids and these definitely rank at the top of my list!

What Shade are You with Cristy Stuhldreher

Hi, I’m Cristy of Love You Sew. I’m a lifestyle sewist who like to dabble in all different type of projects- from quilts to garments, to bags and even embroidery.

Lately, I’ve been incorporating quilting and piecework into more than just quilts themselves. I’ve been experimenting with different substrates and enjoy combining my love of quilting with my love of bag-making. So when I was asked to be part of this blog hop, I knew I would do something a little different…

I was given the green-light to make anything with these fabulous Cotton Supreme Solids. With the durability and bright color saturation of these fabrics, I chose to make the Sandra Saddle Bag by Swoon Patterns. It was the perfect style bag with ample “open space” to use for piecing.

The following colors were chosen:

033 Optical White

290 Putting Green

330 Tickled Pink

125 Silver

433 Gray

102 Celeste

371 Melody

234 Seaglass

030 Navy

Cotton + Steel Sprinkle – Counting Stars Navy

With the size of the bag, I used my die-cutter to make 2″ HSTs and randomly arranged them adding in some faux leather pieces. The leather adds some texture and an extra dimension to play off with the solids.

Both the front flap and front pocket of the Sandra saddle bag are pieced and I quilted them with fusible fleece interfacing to add even more texture.

I chose to use faux leather on the gusset and the back of the bag to keep it more modern. But the back of the bag looked too bare…so of course, I had to quilt that! It’s all about the texture, right??? The quilting was created to mimic the HST piecing and really pulls the whole bag together.

I love how this bag turned out and how I can carry a little bit of quilting with me everyday. Do you have your own quilted accessory?

If you would like to follow along with my other fun sewing projects, you can find me on Instagram here or on my blog, here.

What Shade are You with Daisy Aschehoug

I love old houses.

Old houses have history. Old houses have charm. They have a sturdiness that stems from decades of existing, as though that’s proof enough that they will exist for many more.

And yet, old houses need upkeep and updating in order to continue to be comfortable. Our kitchen had little of either, and we didn’t debate whether it should be at the top of the list for renovation after we moved in last summer.

When we pulled the kitchen apart, this old knob and tube wiring caught my attention, and I loved the way the wires converged and wrapped around the white porcelain insulators nailed to the wall. I imagined all that energy coming and going and dancing around that hub, and I felt inspired.

I’d already designed and submitted the Spinoff quilt to Modern Quilts Unlimited, but I pulled it back out and reworked that whole quilt pattern as a quilt block. I repeated it. I mirrored it to make the lines continuous. I tested different color arrangements and palettes, teamed up with the What Shade Are You blog hop, and the Wired quilt came to be.

RJR has an impressive range of colors in their Cotton Supreme Solids collection, and I chose Tropicana, Flamingo, Night, Havilland Blue, Celeste, Goldenrod, and Custard.

The wavy lines extend across the quilt and suggest the energy I imagined in the wires. I love how they create ethereal, almost sunset-like scenes in each of the blocks. I still see the original quilt composition in each block, but I love that moment when I step back and take all of them in as a whole – following the lines becomes a fun game and the blocks merge.

Wired finished at around 90″ x 90″ – just barely big enough to cover over our king-sized bed.

I’d never used RJR’s Cotton Supreme’s before, but I’m genuinely excited to put them in future projects. I judge fabrics on several factors including how much they fray when handling, how vivid the colors are, and how they keep their shape when I’m sewing with them. Cotton Supreme’s met all of my criteria and then some! This quilt feels amazing, and even though I haven’t put it in the washer yet, I expect the crinkle will be perfect.

Many thanks to RJR for supplying the fabrics for this project! If you’d like your own bundle of Cotton Supremes, head over to Instagram and follow RJR Fabrics and myself. It could be your lucky day!

What Shade are You with Sandra Kaye

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

So, a while back I had a DREAM…I know I know…bear with me…. I woke up and ran to my Art studio and began a sketch. I usually can’t hold onto my dreams like I did this one. They usually slip away from me the second I open my eyes. Not this one. It stayed…and I knew I would create it in fabric one day. Of course I never thought that someday would be 3 days later when RJR Fabrics contacted me and asked… “Would you be interested in doing a collaboration? I was like “WHAT”??? Me??? Are you talking to ME??? LOL!!! Without even knowing what that really meant…I said Yes!!! :0)


RJR has asked me to join in the AMAZING year long blog tour of “What Shade Are You?” Happening on their blog and Instagram. Using their Cotton Supreme Solids and 1 print from their Cotton and Steel line, I was off and running.

Here are the fabrics that I used for this quilt::

Cotton + Steel Mochi – Speckled Navy 1917-21

333 Bougainvillea

349 Aloe Verde

348 Neon

208 Night

347 Grass is always greener

329 Emerald city

366 Toy boat

292 Turks and Caicos

274 Riviera6

126T Royal Blue

215 Amethyst

123T Opera Mauve

217 Hot Pink

49T Chili Pepper

222 Redwork

355 Beach Coral

131T Carrot

326 Sunny Delight

337 Citron

And thus began the BIGGEST project of my life!!!

The concept I created really needed to be appliqued!!. I’m not a huge fan of raw edge applique. I like my edges turned under or covered.

This is where I hit a major a hiccup before I could even begin….I have a bad hand and I’m in need of surgery.

Which would put me out of commission for 2-3 months for recovery. So, I haven’t sat still to do the surgery…as an Artist THAT is like going to Art prison. NO ART, and it’s just not something I’m willing to do…expect…as time goes by its getting worse, so putting on my big girl undies is a must…sigh!!!

So when I sat down to start working on my quilt…which I wanted to hand applique…(oops) that was so NOT happening. My right hand just doesn’t have the strength.


I have a Trigger finger. If I close my hand….snap…that finger is locked and I can’t open it without the other hand helping….and it is painful.

So, biased tape making for an entire month began!!!

…because I had about 204 bubbles to make :0)


Here I am getting some help from the new kitten we got. “Jasper”


Quilting…or at least trying to….LOL!!! Had to kick someone out of room that day…He wanted to sleep on the bubbles.


Have you figured out what it is yet???


The bottom of the quilt…and the ground…you can probably guess now!!!


It’s a Atrzy Tree!!

“I Dream My Quilts and I Quilt My Dreams”

..the saying is a spin-off from the master Artist Van Gogh

This is the very first quilt that I have made without a pattern. It is all ME. So I wanted it to have a great name I call it… “I Dream”. I have always wanted to create my own quilts and publish a quilt book one day. So this quilt for me is a really BIG dream come true…. and a step in the right direction.

I then took the quilt downtown to the oldest tree in Jacksonville, Florida. I wanted it to have a unique. backdrop.


We built our City in 1893…and this tree was already here and huge…we built a park around it.


This tree is so big it’s branches rest on the ground and then grow back up in the air again. They look like elbows on the ground…LOL!!!


The Back


And then there is Me… and my handsome feet helpers…lol!!!


I sat down and played on my friends I pad pro…and created what I was really wanting… So, this is the picture that I created my quilt from.

I want to THANK ….RJR Fabrics for asking me to make a quilt with their wonderful delicious Cotton Supreme Solids!!! If you have not tried these solids yet …you really must !!! They sew like a dream!!! And their colors are so very VIBRANT!!!!

Be sure to hope on over to my Instagram page… There will be an amazing GIVE-A-WAY by RJR…and you are NOT going to want to miss that!!!

You can find me at :