What Shade are You with Jeni Baker

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Hi! I’m Jeni Baker and you can find my work on my blog, Incolororder.com, or on Instagram @jenib320. Finding ways to be creative every day is an important part of my life. I started sewing from a young age, but I didn’t starting quilting until 2009. I’ve been hooked ever since! I love figuring out how to make things work and especially doing quilt math!


When RJR Fabrics approached me about participating in the What Shade Are You? blog hop, I was excited to join in! I’ll be honest though, I was a little intimidated to work with just solids. It’s definitely outside my comfort zone, but I was excited to take on the challenge.


I have been itching lately to work with log cabin blocks, and I’ve had this particular design tucked away for a while. It’s been waiting in the wings for the perfect project. I liked the idea of changing the shape of the center of the block to a rectangle, to see how it would affect the overall look of the block. The blocks in my quilt finish as a square because of an extra log at the end, but otherwise, they’d finish rectangular. Cool!


There were so many colors to choose from when looking through all the Cotton Supreme Solids available, at first I was overwhelmed with the possibilities. I ended up choosing a color scheme based on a piece of artwork by Susan Driscoll of The Print Tree.

Here are the solids I used for my project:
Pink Sapphire 218
Just Peachy 278
Seafoam 301
Overcast 319
Marvelous 332
Bougainvillea 333
Feeling Blue 335
Tropican 339
Argento 362
Harlequin 358


For the quilting, I knew I wanted something non-geometric to break up the design a bit. I went with my tried and true wavy lines. These are done using a walking foot, and the quilt is smoothly turned to the left and right while stitching to get these organic, uneven lines. It’s a relaxing design to quilt, and it’s very forgiving!


I used 358 Harlequin for the binding and a Cotton + Steel print, 5023-003 Sprinkle in Petal, for the backing.


I’m hoping to find somewhere in my apartment to hang up this quilt, I am really happy with how it turned out!

Thank you to RJR Fabrics for the opportunity to be a part of this event!

What Shade are You with Krista Hennebury

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Hi, my name is Krista and you can find me on instagram @poppyprint or on my blog. You’ve seen this design from me before – I made a 4-patch version and called it Quarter Round last year for the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild’s Modern Mini Showcase exhibit. It also proudly hung in the Small Quilts category at QuiltCon 2016. I did a digital mock up of the design in Touchdraw and I got so excited about all of the design possibilities available just by colour-blocking certain strips and making more blocks to repeat the pattern.

When I sent a picture of the 4-patch to my creative genius friend Berene looking for name suggestions (Quarter Round was her idea), she also thought I should try making it with an ombre effect. I held that thought.

Recently, RJR Fabrics asked if I’d like to participate in their What Shade Are You? feature on their Quilt With Love blog. The blog hop showcases their Supreme Cotton Solids. This was my chance to choose as many colours as I wanted to make any project my little heart desired. “Yes please” was my reply!  Of course, actually choosing the fabrics took me f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

Cotton Supreme Solids from RJR for my Round Peg, Square Hole quilt.

The last couple of years I’ve been enjoying working with the contrast of warm and cool colours in my improv work, so I thought I’d do the same with this quilt. Here are the colours I finally chose from the Supreme Cotton Solids colour card.  They are listed in ombre order from lightest to darkest in their colour groups.

Shell Pink 175T
Candyland 86T
Hot Pink 217
Rhododendron 181T
Ruby Slippers 286

Glow in the Dark 204
Peridot 342
Wimbledon 205
Clover 128T
Kelly Green 127T

Goldenrod 92T
Carrot 131T
Tangerine Dream 276
Mandarine 159T
Chili Pepper 49T

Seafoam 301
Nile Green 90T
Toy Boat 366 C&S
Horizon 354
Twilight 353

and finally, Kerchief 364 C&S as a warm white background.

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint

And here it is! All 38″ square. Because I can’t stop myself, there’s a lot of straight line quilting 1/2″ apart in concentric squares and it’s all on the bias grain of the fabric. There was definitely some distortion of this little quilt (even with ditch-stitching the edges of the blocks to stabilize them first).  A full wash and blocking was in order, so I did that prior to finishing the edge (see below). I can honestly report that these fabrics are 100% colourfast in cold water. No running, no fading. I used a mild, unscented powder detergent. 

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint

I love this positive/negative star that happens when the 4-patch blocks meet in the middle! Every one of the sixteen 10″ blocks in this quilt are built with the same pieces. The resulting illusion of round edges within the square block are all about the colour placement and which strips are designated “background”, or in this case white.

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint

I just couldn’t bear to border the blocks in with a binding, so I chose to face the quilt. I’ve done this before using different techniques and always been very pleased with the results. This time, I followed a tutorial by fellow VMQG member Terry Aske. You get such nice, sharp corners! (I used the method of cutting out a 1/2″ triangle of batting in each corner of the quilt).

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint
Here you can see both a front corner and what it looks like on the back where the facings overlap.

I’d like to thank RJR for the opportunity to work with their lovely solids. I’m excited about issuing a pattern for the Quarter Round block with some layout suggestions and colouring pages so that you can try it, too! I’ve got a couple of pattern testers raring to go, so hopefully I can finalize the pattern early in the fall.

Round Peg, Square Hole by Poppyprint

Accuquilt GO! fabric cutter Giveaway!


The quilting world is rapidly evolving around us. Some say almost top quick making it hard to keep up with ‘what is hot’ right now. Personally I disagree; I think the quilting world is at a pivotal point. We either go with it or get left behind. There is so much talent in the world and I think everyone has a place to shine. I mean we are the best tribe in the world right? Traditional and modern quilters, we all start at the same spot. Creating something for someone we love.

The use of social media and the DIY movement has shed light into the world that was once described to me as a secret society. My response, trust me we walk among you, and there are a lot of us out there. Which, by the way I think is the coolest thing in the world. Can you say James Bond? How cool are we!

Before I continue, let me introduce myself. My name is Rachael and I am the Social Media Specialist here at RJR Fabrics. People tell me I have the coolest job and I can’t disagree. I spend my days surrounded by beautiful fabric, finding unbelievable projects and communicating with the most wonderful people in the world. I am one lucky girl! I started quilting about 8 years ago, long before I worked in the industry. My mom has always been an extremely talented quilter and she has been quilting for as long as I can remember. I had visited her at retreats, been impressed with her work and found comfort in her quilts. I don’t think there is anything better then lying under a homemade quilt. If you haven’t, I would argue that you haven’t lived. But I hadn’t really felt the urge to quilt myself. So how did I start? Well, I was coming home for a visit and she was taking a quilt class at her LQS so I met her there on my way into town. Um, I don’t think anyone could have warned me how magical the first visit to a quilt store is. The Row after row of beautiful fabric, the endless possibilities right at your fingers tips and the smell. Oh my goodness. It’s nirvana. Well it’s safe to say I was hooked from that moment and I haven’t looked back, but I knew my life would never be the same. And I was right. I started with RJR four incredible months ago. Working in the quilting industry is so different than solely being a quilter and it has been magical. Can I use that word? Because it is! I was lucky enough to attend my first quilt market in May. I can say it made all my dreams come true! My eyes were opened and I felt like the first time I walked into that quilt store. It’s like living in a dream. The thought and innovation that goes into the quilting industry, in my opinion is astronomical. There is always something new coming out and something that you have to try.

Have any of you heard of the new amazing awesome invention from accuquilt? Go! Fabric cutter reduces your fabric waste, ensures accuracy, and gets you sewing up to 90% faster than with a rotary cutter. The GO! cutters minimize the strain on your joints while cutting up to 6 layers of fabric at a time. With over 200 piecing and appliqué shapes, a GO! Fabric Cutter is a great value and gives you the confidence to make projects you never would otherwise have attempted. Start seeing your project come together faster with a GO! Fabric Cutter.



So you have to ask, how many tools do I need? Just kidding! The answer to that question is all of them! Lets face it, quilters love trying new things and when they work, they work.

So of course I had to try it!! I am too nosey by nature not too. You guys! This machine is amazing. It comes with so many templates, free projects and eliminates fabric waste! It also cuts with precision so you know that every block is the exact size you need. So no more whacking. Am I the only one guilty of this? Yes, no, maybe?


So basically I am hooked and RJR has decided to give one away to one lucky reader. You guys, I made this block super duper quick and easy. I chose our new Oasis Fabrics by Flaurie & Finch. It made my block come together perfectly and it didn’t take forever to cut everything out. I could start sewing much faster, and we all know that’s the fun part!

To enter visit our Facebook:

1. “Like” our Facebook page

2. Comment with a picture of yourself showing us the happy dance you will do if you are the lucky winner and tell us which RJR fabrics collection you can’t wait to try with the GO! Fabric Cutter

3. Tag a friend that will want to win this giveaway almost as much as you do!


*Giveaway ends August 24th at 4pm PST. Open to U.S residents only*

What Shade are You with Katie Youdell

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Hi there, my name is Katie, and you will find me on Instagram as @iamkateyz. I live in a funky beach town just outside Vancouver Canada. I have three mostly grown children and a husband who, along with a growing menagerie of animals and a small garden, keep me pretty busy. I am a pastry chef by trade but these days I only bake for family and friends.


I’ve been quilting since 1999, shortly after the birth of my second child. When I started quilting the only fabrics available were quite traditional, novelty prints, or batiks. There wasn’t much variety for solid fabrics, likely because quilt teachers then told us not to use solids. They told us to use mini monochromatic prints that would “read” as solids but add more interest to the quilt. Boy, am I glad attitudes have changed! I was so happy to be asked to join in the What Shade Are You Blog Hop. It gave me a chance to do something a bit different and try out the luscious Cotton Supreme Solids.


My quilt is made up of a single repeated traditional quilt block called Chain and Hourglass. I handquilted it in a circular pattern that is at odds with the piecing to add a bit more interest. I was amazed at how modern this quilt looked made up in solids!


For the piecing I used 10 RJR Cotton Supreme Solids. They are:

Tropicana 330

Orchid 216

Rio 311

Proud as a Peacock 289

Riviera 274

Seafoam 301

Harlequin 358

Goldilocks 368

Overcast 319

Optic White 33

I also used one Cotton + Steel print, as the binding. It is Persephone 5059-1, and it’s from the 2016 black & white collection.


Thank you RJR for the opportunity to work with these delicious fabrics. I really enjoyed working with them!

Love your Local Quilt Shop Featuring: Quilting Mayhem

Shop Feature banner 1

Quilting Mayhem opened May 1, 2015, in a flurry of chaos after remodeling and then prepping fabric in less than thirty days. My twenty-year-old dream was coming true! Our focus was—and is—to be bright, fresh, and have a variety of fabrics to fit everyone’s tastes and needs.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.06.12

Located in the charming historic town of Snohomish, Washington, our shop reflects the modernity of today’s quilting and sewing trends as well as the antique-shopping flavor of the area. Both tourists and locals visit Quilting Mayhem, where we offer more than 2,000 bolts of fabric, and notions, patterns, books, kits, and precuts.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.05.13

We pride ourselves on introducing new quilting trends to our customers, and providing unique twists on traditional patterns, tools, and quilting methods. Our classroom is 700 square feet, which includes cutting and pressing stations. We also have a HQ Avanté longarm that customers can learn to use and then rent by the hour.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.05.25

The shop’s quilting and sewing classes vary from a beginning level to more complicated, advanced concepts. Other classes teach bags, home décor, and crafts. Our wide variety of project styles—from traditional to modern—includes traditional piecing, modern improv, appliqué, foundation paper piecing, collage, hand work, English paper piecing, and sewing clothing. There are also many clubs and block-of-the-month programs. Our Wounded Soldier charity group meets monthly to make quilts for local veterans who serve in the military or law enforcement.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.05.48

All of our employees teach classes, and outside teachers bring additional variety. We look to them for their knowledge and desire to teach what they know. By having a wide range of teachers, we are able to offer more than twenty-five different classes and clubs per month. Our six employees together have more than 100 years of quilting and sewing experience, which help us give the stellar customer service for which we are becoming known. A UFO (Unfinished Fabric Object) class meets twice a month for customers to get help finishing their projects, but of course we help customers every day with recommendations, advice, ideas, inspiration, and sometimes just good-hearted laughter. We have also taught social media classes to help customers learn how to be part of all the inspiration available on Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.06.03

Bringing quilters together is one of our goals, and to that end we have started a Snohomish Chapter of the national Modern Quilt Guild. We are thirty members strong and growing every month. We support our modern quilters by teaching them to branch out into new and different techniques. Events during the first year have included educational talks, fundraising through auctions and raffles, numerous children’s charity quilts, a retreat, block swaps, many new friendships, and plenty of “oohing and aahing” during show-and-tell time. At Quilting Mayhem, we challenge ourselves to work harder and better every day. We listen to our customers and encourage their input on what they would like to see and learn. A new project we have underway is to offer retreats for customers to make new friends and enjoy quilting together while learning new projects and techniques. We are also designing our own patterns that we’ll teach, and we’re creating our own online tutorials for customers to be able to refer to after taking a class.

Screenshot 2016-07-28 16.06.27

We are thrilled to share our knowledge with our customers and to inspire them to create beautiful projects. Our goal is to give everyone who walks through our door the pride and satisfaction that comes from quilting. Nothing makes us happier than when a customer brings in a finished project that we have helped with, whether it’s picking out fabric, walking through a tricky step, or just the fact that she has finished something that’s been hanging around far too long.

Creativity and inspiration are our way of life and we live to share that with everyone.

Vist Quilting Mayhem on Instagram, Facebook and Blog.

What Shade are You with Alisa Kutsel

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Hi everyone, I’m Alisa from A Stitch in Between and you can find me on my Instagram @astitchinbetween or my website http://www.astitchinbetween.com I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan, but I have lived in four different countries before I got here. I became interested in quilting around two years ago and although I mostly focus on mini quilts and mugrugs, an occasional throw size quilt does sneak through.

Image 11

My tastes vary quite a bit, I enjoy trying out different types of projects and techniques and work in different color schemes. However, the love of bold colored rainbow remains constant, so when RJR Fabrics approached me with a blog hop opportunity, I knew it would need to be something colorful and something epic.

Image 10

A while ago, I made a mini quilt for a swap on Instagram that consisted of 800 1-inch triangles, which I paper pieced together in a very colorful design. The mini had both solid and patterned fabrics. I desperately wanted to recreate the design on a larger scale and with only solids; thankfully What Shade Are You blog hop offered the perfect opportunity. Since cutting 800 triangles by hand sounded like torture to me, I used Sizzix Big Shot Plus and the equilateral triangle die. That really made a huge difference in my sanity. But once I put everything together, I realized that I needed to add 160 more triangles to achieve the size I needed. After I managed to cut those out from the scraps, this baby became my “960 triangles” quilt!

Image 12

In an extraordinary lapse of judgment, I decided to hand quilt this beauty, but after 1 hour and only about 5 square inches done, I went back to my senses and my trusty machine.


I used 7 different Aurifil Thread colors that coordinated beautifully with RJR fabrics and I love the effect the rippling hexagons created on the back. I have no skills whatsoever in free motion quilting but straight lines? Straight lines I can do!


I used the following fabrics in this quilt: Chili Pepper, Electric Blue, Mandarin, Riviera, Indigo, Turks & Caicos, Tourmaline, Citron, Sunny Delight, Carrot, Rhododendron, Cove, Pool Side, Grape, Bougainvillea, Sprout, Kelly Green, Aloe Verde, Hydrangea for the binding and Cotton and Steel Sprinkle in Kimberly Blue for the backing.



I really wanted the quilt to be photographed illuminated by an evening sun to really make the yellows shine, so my two sisters and I organized a quilt glamour shoot on the beach (tough life, I know). Picture us frolicking on the beach (very supermodel like) effortlessly holding the quilt without a care in the world while the camera is snapping away. And definitely don’t picture us sweaty and sandy, holding surprisingly heavy quilt with sore arms, avoiding the confused gazes of the beach goers and panicking that the quilt will get wet and dirty before the pictures are done.


My sister in law was behind the camera, my sister and I were holding the quilt and my niece held the light reflector; the photo shoot was definitely a family affair and I suspect they all might expect some sort of reward for their effort, which is of course my endless love.


This was such a fun project for me to make and I absolutely loved working with Cotton Supreme Solids, the colors and the quality of fabric are outstanding and I’m so honored to have been asked to make something with them.



I hope you enjoyed my contribution, hope to see you on my blog or Instagram and thank you again RJR Fabrics for such a wonderful opportunity!


“A Quilt of 960 triangles”

Size: 52” by 52”

Fabrics: RJR Cotton Supreme Solids and Cotton and Steel (listed above)

Thread: 7 different colors of Aurifil

Pattern by A Stitch in Between (not released)

What Shade are You with Carolyn Murfitt

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

I’m Carolyn Murfitt and you can find my work on Instagram @freebirdquiltingdesigns or my website. I have been making quilts since about 2011 and have been a longarm quilter since November 2014.

Basically I am addicted to making quilts and quilting them, so when RJR fabrics asked if I would like to be a part of the ‘what shade are you’ blog hop I jumped at the chance.

When I thought about what shade am I, I realised I was every shade of the rainbow, so I knew straight away that I wanted to make a lonestar with as many of there beautiful cotton supreme solids as I could.

I used a lot of small amounts of different colours to create the effect I wanted:

For the yellow section I used Lemon chiffon, citron, sunny delight, goldenrod, sunny side up, golden topaz, butternut, and pumpkin.For the orange/red section I used carrot, cantaloupe, tangerine dream, oriole, mandarin, bandana, morocco.For the Red/dark red section I used Amaryllis, noel red, chili pepper, moulin rouge, scarlet letter, red wagon.For the dark pink/purple section I used Sunset ruby, rio, pink sapphire, raging ruby, ruby slippers, grape, purple haze, bougainvillea, aubergine.For the blue section I used night, lapis lazuli, royal blue, lancaster sky, bora bora, proud as a peacock, Turks and Caicos and horizon.Finally for the green section I used meadowland, beach house, wimbledon, pea in a pod,martini olive, aloe vera, clover emerald and putting green.

I cut up lots and lots of 2.5 by 5.5 inch rectangles.


The lonestar came together quickly and before long it was time to audition the background fabric for the star.The Cotton and Steel grey sprinkles fabric was the winner and I think you will agree it looks perfect.


But, as I started putting the lonestar together on the design wall, I decided to play around with the layout and loved the concept of a deconstructed lonestar, something a bit different.


Once the top was pieced, I decided it needed a pieced back too.


Then it was time to load it onto the longarm and start the quilting.

I colour matched my aurifil threads.


The grey sprinkle negative space was quilted first, I call this my ‘fanciful garden’ design.


The garden grew and grew!


Next up was quilting the lonestar. I stitched in the ditch all of the seams with clear aurifil thread and then colour matched each thread colour to the fabric colour and quilted a continuous pattern into each section.


The cotton and steel grey sprinkles was perfect with the bright solids and quilted beautifully.


Finally it was finished and I could take it off the longarm and see the quilt in its entirety.


I love it!!

And the back looks just as good!


Now she is bound, she looks even better, this quilt is definitely a she!


and another one!


Thank you so much RJR Fabrics for asking me to be a part of this blog hop! Your cotton supreme solids are so soft and colour saturated, they are going to be the only cotton solids I use moving forward and the cotton and steel was perfection, quilted beautifully.

A special thank you to the lovely ladies Rachael, Demetria and Jennifer for all of your help and enthusiasm with this project!

What Shade are You with Laura McDowell Hopper

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

Hi RJR Fabrics fans! I’m Laura McDowell Hopper and you can find my work on Instagram @sonicstitches or on my blog. I’ve been quilting since 2014 and I’m a member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.

When RJR Fabrics asked me to be part of this blog hop, it didn’t take long to decide what shade I am. My shade is black. There’s nothing I love more than fabrics popping off a dark, solid, black background. After receiving the Cotton Supreme Solids color card in the mail, I was instantly drawn to the blues and purples and thought they would look great with RJR’s black solid. I was also so excited to see that RJR Fabrics makes solids that coordinate perfectly with Cotton + Steel basics! I picked my favorite colors, paired them with my three favorite Cotton + Steel basics, and started thinking about the quilt I wanted to make.


I am constantly inspired by music. I spent twelve years training to be a classical violist, then switched career paths to become a museum curator and interned at a music museum in college. Music history has been a big part of my life as long as I remember, and Bruce Springsteen is one of the most important musicians to me. The night I was invited to participate in the What Shade Are You blog hop, I was at the Chicago stop of Bruce Springsteen’s current tour. Bruce and the E Street Band have been on tour since January playing their entire album The River. I decided to use that concert and album as the inspiration for my quilt!


Originally released in 1980, The River is an epically long album that features some of my favorite Bruce songs. The album is a mix of fun party songs (“Sherry Darling,” “Crush on You,” “Hungry Heart,” “Out in the Street”) and painful songs about growing up (“Stolen Car,” “Wreck on the Highway,” “Independence Day”).

Bruce is at his best when he writes songs about folks who are down on their luck and striving to make their lives better. The title track of The River breaks my heart every time I listen to it. The story of a couple thrown together, realizing that the circumstances of their lives may prevent them from realizing their dreams is vivid, moving, and incredible song writing.

I thought about what that song would look like to me as a quilt. I envisioned the blues and purples as the song’s characters, meeting at night separated by the dark river. Knowing that the track is inspired by Bruce’s sister and her early relationship with her husband who, despite the bleak tone of the song, are still married today, I had all of the fabrics meet at the back of the quilt to emphasize that the reality of the song has a happy ending.


Here’s the front and back of “The River” quilt. I love minimalist design, big shapes, straight line quilting, and visual impact. RJR Fabric’s Cotton Supreme Solids brought this vision together perfectly. A big thanks is also due to my husband, Mitch, who patterned this quilt from my drawing. My favorite part of his time doing quilt math was hearing him say, “I’m going to algebra so hard right now!” Mitch also takes all of my beautiful quilt photos.

The Cotton Supreme Solids I used were:





Opera Mauve


The Cotton + Steel basics I used were:

Black Cat Sprinkle

Teal Netorious

Grape Dottie


Thank you so much to RJR Fabrics for asking me to be part of their blog hop! This quilt was the first time I used their Cotton Supreme Solids, but it won’t be the last time. The soft feel is what drew me to Cotton + Steel fabrics early on in my quilting, and their solids have the same softness. I can’t wait to work with these wonderful solids again!

What Shade are You with Sari Ditty

What Shade Are You Logo 2016 image1

“Inside the Tiffany Box” is exactly what this quilt is. Starting from the outermost edges bound in Cotton Supreme Solid Tiffany Box blue, it leads to a mesmerizing diamond ring fit for any lady (or guy!) who loves a little ice on their finger!


Here’s a little known fact about designer and quilter, Sarah Thomas (@sariditty on Instagram)…she is also a certified diamontologist through the Diamond Council of America. And what that basically means is she has a piece of paper proving that her love for sparkle and glitter is official and documented. :o) She actually did spend a few years designing diamond jewelry –her own engagement ring included, much to her husband’s suggestion and appreciation– and this quilt is a tribute to that portion of her life (and her continued admiration for what a lump of coal under intense pressure can become). Sari says, “In a way, aren’t we as quilters all a bit like a lump of coal? All trying our hardest and exerting the most intense pressures on ourselves to create something amazing, or align the most perfect points, or dream up the perfect color combo? And after all the pressure we put onto ourselves, we end up with beautiful and unique creations…much like a diamond being unearthed, shaped, and polished.”


Sari is often behind the controls of her Handi Quilter longarm finishing quilts for clients who send to her from all over the world. She specializes in her own form of FMQ called Sketchbook Quilting, which resembles the free form doodles she’s drawn in notebooks and sketchpads her entire life. If you’d like to see more examples of her quilting, take a look at #saridittyquilted on Instagram or her Gallery tab on her website, www.sariditty.com. You may also fill out a quilting inquiry via her website under the Custom Quilting tab if you’d like to consider sending one of your quilts to her to be “saridittyed.” ;o)


This diamond pattern is a spinoff of a recently written @sariellastudios’ pattern, SARIELLA Gems, for which both Sari and her friend, Nicole (@lillyellasworld), co-design and create pieces and share techniques. After blowing up the proportions of the profile gem pattern, Sari knew it was going in the diamond ring direction. A little gold bias tape to make the ring shank helped that endeavor! Once on the quilting frame, Sari had fun with silver metallic thread on the diamond itself, as well as on a few glimmers of light casting off the diamond. The rest of the background is a grey thread to blend with the Gale Force Cotton Supreme Solid and quilted Sketchbook style. The gold shank has gold metallic thread quilted in small circles all around to give the band an antique milgrain effect. She also quilted in filigree with the gold thread in the open space of of the band/diamond area. If you look closely, you may notice that the diamond and filigree have some extra sparkle all thanks to a few dozen Swarovski crystals she applied after quilting this piece. “Everyone needs a little unexpected sparkle in their lives,” she says.



I used Gale Force (background) and Tiffany Box (binding) from the CSSs. The coordinating CSS that would work for this bundle are the following:

Optical White, Argento, On the Rocks, Overcast, Gray Stone, Kerchief, Cream, Moonlight, Gale Force, Tiffany Box

The Bread & Butter prints I used are:

Love Birds, White, Autumn Leaves (White), Patchwork (White), Patchwork (Grey), Forest Floor (Grey), Hexagon Daisies (Grey),Stitched Check (White), Stitched Check (Cream)


“Inside the Tiffany Box” is a very modern quilt using not-so-modern colors, which is a great lesson to us all that modern quilts don’t have to be full of bold, saturated color. Even the simple and traditional color palettes can lend to unexpected and striking modern quilt designs with a little thought and creativity. This quilt is not yet an actual pattern, but SARIELLA is considering it to be one in the future if there is enough demand for it. The immediate plans are to finish and publish the smaller SARIELLA Gems Patterns.

Follow more of Sari’s escapades on Instagram (@sariditty).

Love your Local Quilt Shop Featuring: Intown Quilters

Shop Feature banner 1

In Atlanta, all the roads that aren’t Peachtree lead to the bright, charming fabric haven that is Intown Quilters. Nestled in the neighborly suburb of Decatur, GA, IQ (as it’s called by those who love it) opened its doors in 2002 when owner Sarah Phillips grew frustrated with not being able to find the yellow fabric she wanted. Nearly 14 years later, Sarah has created a sewing- and quilting-enthusiasts’ paradise, filled with bright fabrics, eye-catching samples and a roster of classes suited for every skill level. And, of course, an array of yellow fabrics.


IQ remains the sole quilt shop inside the Perimeter (the interstate circling Atlanta), and its wares are just as vibrant and distinct as the city it calls home. “Bright,” “bold” and “fun” are the catchwords here! Modern designs from Cotton + Steel (featuring the work of locals Melody Miller and Sarah Watts), luscious solids, bold batiks, distinctive African prints and contemporary florals all tempt customers from the well-organized shelves around the shop. Mixed in with the thousands of bolts of quilting cotton are diverse substrates like double gauze, cotton/linen blends, jersey knits and chambrays that appeal to apparel sewers. The frequently updated samples – quilts, bags, clothing and more – give plenty of inspiration, as do the books and patterns from some of the hottest names in sewing and quilting.


A hearty list of classes help customers develop their skills (and a lifetime love of the hobby), from an introductory class for novices (Sewing Basics), first steps for quilting (Beginning Quilt Making), handwork (Hand Quilting, Hand Embroidery, English Paper Piecing), quilting (Machine Quilting, Free-Motion Quilting), techniques (Paper Piecing, Bindings, Sewing with Knits) and independent study (Sewing Studio, Quilting Studio). There are even summer camps for encouraging the next generation of sewists! Visiting teachers like Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, Jen Kingwell and Lizzy House demonstrate Sarah’s desire to make learning at IQ an unforgettable experience.

Intown quilters3

But it’s the commitment to providing quality customer service that really makes Intown Quilters a stand out. It’s not unusual to find a member of the IQ crew demonstrating how to miter the corners of a quilt binding or explaining why ballpoint needles are a must for sewing with knits. Whether customers are looking for help planning a quilt or just the right yellow fabric, they know the folks at IQ are there seven days a week to make it happen!


Is Intown Quilters your local quilt shop? Don’t miss out on these upcoming events:

Holly Days

July 8th- 9th & July 15th-16th

Holly Days, an annual joint event between Intown Quilters and A Scarlet Thread in McDonough, Ga., is our take on “Christmas in July.” Both shops will be showcasing great holiday gift and decorating ideas and shoppers will receive a free pattern for a holiday themed quilt from each shop. Visit A Scarlet Thread July 8th and 9th and Intown Quilters July 15th and 16th for a head start on your Christmas decorating and gift-giving ideas! Pick up your Christmas card at A Scarlet Thread the first weekend and turn it in at Intown Quilters the second weekend of the event to be eligible for a drawing for several gift certificates. Don’t miss out on the fun!

Intown Quilters 14th Anniversary

August 20th

After nearly 14 years as Atlanta’s favorite source of bright, fun quilting fabric, we’ve realized that we want to be more than just your favorite quilt shop. We want to be your favorite yarn shop, too! The yarn will debut 8/20 in celebration of our 14 years in business. Join the IQ crew as we mark that milestone and introduce our new artisan yarn section! We will have a fun day of demos, yarn tastings, door prizes and gifts for those who come see us.

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