What Shade are You with Jessica Schunke

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I was so excited when RJR Fabrics asked me to join their What Shade Are You? Blog Hop. I love working with solids, so I jumped at the chance to try out RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids for the first time. I’m a big fan of Cotton + Steel fabrics (a division of RJR), so I expected the Cotton Supreme Solids to be the same great quality, and they did not disappoint. The colors are so vivid, the fabric has a beautiful hand, and they were truly a pleasure to work with.


In fact, the hardest part was deciding which colors to choose. When the Cotton Supreme Solids color card arrived, I couldn’t seem to narrow down the options. They were all too good! So I shifted to choosing my pattern, which turned out to be a no-brainer. I’ve been dying to make the Tessellation quilt(pattern by Nydia Kehnle and Alison Glass) since I first saw it, and I knew it would look so good made up in solids, so it seemed like the perfect choice. The pattern calls for 25 fabrics, so I started with the blues and teals (my favorites) and then expanded to the cool pinks and purples to round out my selection.


The Cotton Supreme Solid colors I chose for my quilt top are:

237 Fairy Princess
86 Candyland
226 Charlotte
311 Rio
181 Rhododendron
331 Pink Orchid
333 Bougainvillea
214 Hydrangea
215 Amethyst
345 Caviar
179 Hyacinth
334 Periwinkle
281 Cloud 9
313 Carolina
316 Lancaster Sky
251 Anemone
296 Electric Blue
391 Robins Egg
274 Riviera
292 Turks & Caicos
354 Horizon
328 Bora Bora
392 Schooner
289 Proud as a Peacock
102 Celeste


Additionally, I used Geo Drops in Teal (from Rashida Coleman Hale’s Raindrops collection for Cotton + Steel) for the backing. I love how the hexie drops mimic the triangular shapes on the front of the quilt.


The quilt is composed of five triangle designs, and it was so fun to start playing with the colors to see how different combinations would work in each piece. I spent many a night with rows of paper-pieced sections laid across my work table and floor, shuffling and rearranging.



When it came time to quilt it, I struggled with choosing just one thread color, so instead I chose 16! The obvious alternative, right? I quilted diagonal lines in a triangle shape roughly one inch apart, changing my thread color every three to four lines. There are 15 thread colors on the front, reflecting the range of blues, teals, purples, and pinks in the solid fabrics, and one color on the back, chosen to match the color of the hexies in the backing print.


I’m so pleased with the final quilt in all of its saturated solid glory. The movement across the blocks makes me think of a sparkly geode or shattered glass, and it has such great visual interest, keeping your eye bouncing from one section to the next. This was definitely a perfect solids project, and it was a joy to get to work with these lovely fabrics.




A huge thank you to RJR and their wonderful team for the opportunity to play with their Cotton Supreme Solids! I had a great time.


You can find me and all of my other projects over on Instagram @blueskycrafter and my blog, A Blue Sky Kind of Life.

What Shade are You with Sharon Parcel

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When RJR Fabrics asked me to join their What Shade Are You? Challenge, I knew I would be stepping out of my comfort zone. But I took the challenge and loved every minute of it! Every week, I have enjoyed all the amazing, beautiful quilts on Instagram and here on the blog. So now it is my turn to show my creation.


The Cotton Supreme Solid colors I chose for my quilt top are:

#351 Pewter
#339 Tropicana
#352 Meadowland
#274 Riviera
#349 Aloe Verde
#338 Flamingo
#331 Pink Orchid
#244 Bubblegum
#366 Toyboat
#228 Eggnog
#244 Rio

I must tell you that I had three different quilts running around in my mind, and finally chose a pineapple block. After taking a class from Gyleen Fitzgeral and using her Pineapple Tool…I was hooked on making pineapple blocks. Gyleen had recommended that we NOT use solids to make these blocks….I said to myself…Why not? I was stepping outside my comfort zone using all solids, so why not step out a bit further?


This is what I came up with. Deciding how to break down the pineapple blocks took a bit of thinking, but I am happy with how it turned out. It depicts God’s love for me…softly, raining down on me. One of my favorite hymns is “Rain Down”…thus the name. Still debating about a pattern for this…probably paper pieced for more accuracy in matching seams.


Working with RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids has been a real treat. The fabric is the high quality which one has come to expect from RJR and the colors are amazing! The hardest part about this challenge was when I received the color card and had to choose from the amazing colors.


I want to thank RJR for the opportunity to take part in the What Shade Are You Challenge. It has made me think and step outside the box. This has been an enjoyable journey!

You can find me on Instagram: punkydoodle53 Or on my blog: www.yellowcatquiltdesigns.com

RJR Fabrics loves #quiltdots


Since our early beginning, we’ve been dedicated to the art and craft of making the highest quality fabrics for the quilting industry. 40 years later, the time has come to better explain who we are and what we stand for. Who are we? We make fabric so our customers can make quilts for the people they love. We are a family-run company, and there is care in every step of our process: From the design and manufacturing to the workers who place the fabric lovingly inside the boxes that end up in your hands.


Our logo is a reflection of our renewed commitment to explain who we are and what we stand for. Designed with a frame that is reminiscent of the border of a quilt and painted with bold colors, the logo communicates the love and the passion we have for quilting. In addition, our tagline: #quiltwithlove speaks to the personal connection that quilting brings to all of us. Sharing this new hashtag on social media, we can all display our creative work, our personal journey as quilters, and the stories we want to tell.


To share our love of quilting with you, we have collaborated with Quilt Dots to create a tin of 9 “Quilt with Love” magnets. If you haven’t heard of Quilt Dots, they are interchangeable magnetic dots that can be worn in jewelry, key chains, bag tags, needle nannies, bookmarks and more.


Each and every Dot is made by hand in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado. See the collection here http://zappydots.com/quilt-dots/designer/rjr-fabrics.html We are having a fun giveaway on Instagram for a tin and bracelet. All you have to do is share your most recent quilt with love story and project on Instagram using the hashtag #rjrquiltdotsgiveaway for a chance to win.*Giveaway ends October 25th at 4pm PST*. If you haven’t already, make sure to follow @quiltdots on Instagram and Facebook.

What Shade are You with Michelle Wilkie

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Today, on “What Shade are You” I would like to share with you on my design journey and inspiration for my quilt “Rails”.


I am Michelle Wilkie. I can be found on Instagram @ml_wilkie or on my blog Factotum of Arts.

I was so excited to be participating in What Shade are you, and when I received my bundle in the mail a multitude of ideas came to mind. The colors are so vibrant.


The Cotton Supreme Solid colors I chose for my quilt top are:

Optical White 33
Black 34
Turks & Caicos 292
Night 280
Electric Blue 296
Anemone 251
Citron 337
Sunny Delight 326
Tangerine Dream 276
Chilli Pepper49
Grape 121
Shell pink 175
Raging Ruby 287

Additionally, I used some C+S fabrics to add some interest within the solids:

Sprinkle in Corduroy 5023-004
Dottie in Fedora 5002-006
Dottie Cousins in Natural 1915-1

I get inspired all the time from the world around us. For this quilt, it was no different. My husband is from Mannheim Germany, where we both lived for a few years before moving to the US. My inspiration for this quilt came from the Neustheim Train Junction.


The lines fascinated me. I loved the idea of using improvisation strip piecing to try and mimic these strong direction lines. It was an interesting experience bending the fabric to make the gentle curves. Some tips:

1. I started this quilt at one end and added in one direction, using strips to mark out where I was adding curves that would intersect with other lines.

2. Use a lot of starch to get the pieces to lay flat and press often.

3. Make sure you trim your threads and additional fabric as you go, especially when using white.

4. Lastly, I glue basted this quilt while it was on my design wall. I pressed each layer to fix it to the one beneath. This technique was important as it helped the top to adhere flat to the bottom layers and hold in place as it stretched out some of the puffy areas.

Here’s a close-up of the quilt top. The predominant colors are blues, yellows and white, however as I stepped back with each addition, I decided to add pops of colors. This adds balance and richness to this quilt that helped also break up the stark bands of color. You can see the use of red, purple, pinks, and orange.


For the quilting, I used Aurifil 2410, 2021, 2120, and 2783. I used irregular-spaced wavy lines that flowed with the fabric strips, to complement the colors and design of the quilt. In the binding, I also added some interest and continued the flow of color by inserting a piece of C+S print and a small blue strip to my white binding.


This was so much fun to play with such vibrant colors. I loved the overall finish that the Cotton Supreme Solids provided. Thanks to RJR fabrics for the opportunity and to you for stopping by.

Quicker by the Dozen Block of the Month

Good things come by the dozen. We are so thrilled about a block of the month collaboration with Lynette Jensen and @cottonandsteel. The ‘Quicker By The Dozen’ quilt pattern is made up of twelve blocks that use twelve different fabrics, and can be easily modified to be either a throw or a queen. Quilters can use fabrics from Lynette’s new Thimbleberries line Riversong, or they can choose a selection of Cotton+Steel Fabrics!


Lynette about the collaboration: I was so excited to collaborate with the talented designers from Cotton + Steel. Much like them, my design career and pattern business blossomed out of my passion for quilting and the community it brings. In designing the BOM, I first spoke with the C + S team about what was important to them and their market. They wanted to make sure that the project would appeal to beginner sewers, and feature simple block construction. I began with several different design layouts. It was interesting to see the designs that they gravitated toward. They loved the simplicity of the block designs, and straight forward setting in Quicker by the Dozen, and felt it was the perfect design to launch as their first block-of-the-month. Cotton + Steel chose the vertical row setting because they felt it would carry greater appeal to the modern marketplace. Quicker by the Dozen visually demonstrates how by changing fabrics, traditional block-of-the-month designs can also appeal to the modern marketplace. Whether you are traditional at heart or consider yourself a modern quilter, this BOM says it all!

Why the name Quicker by the Dozen? Lynette called the project Quicker by the Dozen because it features a dozen fabrics, and you make a dozen of each of the six different block designs. Quicker because you don’t have to rethink instructions or assembly and you can chain piece. What’s more, each block is made with just 2 fabrics, making cutting and piecing easy. The BOM can be broken down into 8 months— Months 1-6 feature the 6 different blocks, Month 7 the pieced lattice strips and Month 8 quilt assembly. Quilters will learn a variety of techniques including: how to make hourglass blocks, half square triangles, accurate ¼ inch seam allowances, pressing techniques, and much more. Instructions are provided for making the project in two different quilt sizes, throw and queen. By simply changing the block size, you can make a queen size quilt for a bed. Also by enlarging the block size to 9-inches, the project becomes even easier to piece.


For over 24 years, Lynette Jensen has thoughtfully designed and produced countless high quality patterns, traditional fabric designs, and lifestyle books that reflect her distinct upscale country style. One of the first pattern designers to partner with a fabric company to build a brand and develop a distinctive look, Lynette recognized early on the tremendous potential quiltmaking had in social networking. Her biggest accomplishment has been in her ability to connect quiltmaking to a lifestyle. Shares Lynette, “My focus has always been on making quilts become a part of peoples’ lives. Not only showing how to make quilts, but also, how to decorate and live with them.” No other designer in our industry has come close to achieving the success that Lynette has enjoyed for over 2 decades.


Lynette Jensen was the first designer ever to create a Block-of-the-Month Quilt Club designed for retail shops to help them to build a continual revenue stream with Thimbleberries fabrics and patterns. The Club program, aptly called Thimbleberries Quilt Club, captivated the quilting industry, attracting more than 1,000 retail shop members and over 300,000 consumer members in the United States alone. Thimbleberries Quilt Club was the perfect vehicle for Lynette to grow her very loyal and avid Thimbleberries fan base. It ran for more than 22 years.

In addition to the BOM, Lynette has designed 6 project extras. These projects feature a mix of different collections from RJR and Cotton + Steel. The Free PDF patterns can be accessed from the RJR and Cotton + Steel’s websites in January. Here’s a peek at the extras. Stay tuned for exciting sew alongs with popular bloggers.


Cotton + Steel is honored to be collaborating with Lynette Jensen, one of RJR Fabrics’ most prolific and successful designers, to release a Block of the Month pattern called “Quicker By The Dozen.” Lynette Jensen is a pioneer in our industry. She was one of the first to create a Block of the Month program for quilt shops. Thimbleberries changed the face of the quilt pattern industry, becoming the benchmark for easy to follow and clear quilt patterns. Lynette has always felt that she wants every person who picks up one of her patterns to be successful.


Cotton+Steel shares the belief that sewing should be accessible and inclusive. Clear instructions and well written patterns are timeless. They transcend taste and trend, and they offer a reliable resource for passing techniques on to those less experienced, regardless of anyone’s individual fabric preferences, regardless of if it’s Cotton+Steel or Thimbleberries.

Because either way, it’s the same craft, same project, just a different stash.

Quicker by the Dozen is so fun and versatile, we decided to run it a third way in fabrics from our 1930s Everything but the Kitchen Sink. Those adorable small scale thirties prints are a perfect fit. Plus those yummy pastel shades…simply irresistible. Stay tuned for the big reveal next week!


The Quicker by the Dozen BOM will be available for shops to order at Fall ’16 Quilt Market, and will be available to buy in stores starting in 2017.

What Shade are You with Terry Druga

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

The Hippy Storm-at-Sea quilt by Terry Druga


Medusa Tree in Falls Park, downtown Greenville, SC

Hello! I am Terry Druga and you can find me on Instagram as tooheycohen. I love this “What Shade Are You” blog hop series by RJR Fabrics that lets regular quilters like me step out of our comfort zones. I was so excited to pick colors from their color cards – such beautiful fabrics! I love traditional quilt blocks made with modern fabrics so the hippy in me chose to make a Storm-At-Sea quilt in shades of purple, blue and green.

The colors I chose for my quilt top are:

Gale Force 282
Pewter 351
Amethyst 215
Purple Haze 279
Marvelous 332
Horizon 354
Turks & Caicos 292
Riviera 274
Kelly Green 127
Sprout 249
Neon 348



I was so happy with the layout of my blocks, but was very nervous about how to quilt it. I decided to follow the natural wavy pattern that is made by the Storm-at-sea blocks. The lines feel organic and give the quilt some movement and texture. It also gave me a chance to play with my new collection of Aurifil 28wt threads! I love how everything came together.


A huge thank you to the team at RJR Fabrics! You answered all my questions and were very helpful. And the RJR Cotton Supreme Solids are wonderful to work with! I hope this blog series inspires you to create something new!

Love your Local Quilt Shop Featuring: Sew Yeah Quilting

Shop Feature banner 1

Sew Yeah Quilting is a family owned business that aims to delight customers who live in, and visit, Las Vegas. As the largest quilting shop in the area, we have a huge selection of quality fabrics with over 10,000 bolts. Sew Yeah Quilting opened its doors 6 months ago when the family felt that the large community of Las Vegas needed a shop on the northwest side of town.



We offer a huge selection of the industry’s finest designer fabrics, sewing notions, patterns, and other essential quilting supplies to meet your creative needs and help you finish your favorite projects. We are dedicated to increasing the sewing capacity and enjoyment of our customers by providing them with the best in quality, service, and education.


We offer a wide range of fun, interactive classes, taught by professional teachers in a welcoming and supportive environment. No matter your skill level or project size, our friendly, knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to offer helpful advice, personalized service, and continuous support throughout your quilting journey! We have classes almost every day of the week! We have a bag of the month class and one class this month is this adorable Joslyn Annie doll!


In addition to fabric and quilting products, we have a huge selection of sewing themed gifts perfect for the any sewist. We are a BERNINA authorized dealer, and we have technicians who service all makes and models of machines.


If we are your local quilt shop, be sure to mark these upcoming events on your calendar!

On October 22nd, we are hosting a Judy Niemeyer certified teacher for a Garden Wall – Waterfalls quilt class. You will find the class information here http://www.sewyeahquilting.com/module/class.htm?classId=147970

November 11th & 12th we will be hosting Natalia Bonner, who will have a trunk show and teach two classes – Intro to free motion quilting and Math Class (it’s a super fun quilt!). For a list of all of our upcoming classes and events visit us at http://www.sewyeahquilting.com/classes.htm

Find us on Facebook!Facebook.com/SewYeahQuilting

Visit us online! SewYeahQuilting.com and use the coupon below to recieve 15% off the whole month of October!


What Shade are You with Kristy Sachs

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

The Alternate Ending Quilt by Kristy Sachs


Hey, guys! I’m Kristy Sachs from Rock Baby Scissors. You can find me on Instagram, Etsy and Facebook:




I made the Alternate Ending Quilt using RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids.

I was floored when asked to participate in the What Shade Are You? Blog Hop as I’m still fairly new to quilting. I’ve only finished a handful and I had never followed a quilt pattern before, so I figured I better knock it out of the park and go BIG to celebrate such an honor! An 800 piece quilt? Sure, why not! As a true lover of color order and everything rainbow the Alternate Ending Quilt by Sarah of CoopCrafts was my first choice when it came to using such brilliant shades of solids.



The colors I chose for my quilt top are:
1. Tourmaline
2. Lemon Chiffon
3. Citron
4. Carrot
5. Tangerine Dream
6. Tropicana
7. Chili Pepper
8. Orchid
9. Hot Pink
10. Tickled Pink
11. Rhododendron
12. Amethyst
13. Hydrangea
14. Purple Haze
15. Bougainvillea
16. Periwinkle
17. Caviar
18. Electric Blue
19. Tuks & Caicos
20. Horizon
21. Toyboat
22. Neon
23. Sour Apple
24. Grass is Always Greener
25. Emerald City

The backing:
Cotton+Steel Tiny Tiles in Aqua

The backing:
Cotton+Steel Gust in Midnight



The shades of Cotton Supreme Solids work so well together in this geometric dream of a quilt.


For the quilting I went with wavy lines in Guttermann Mara 100 color #1 which is a creamy off-white. I wanted something neutral which wouldn’t pull focus away from the colors and hard lines of the quilt.

I want to thank RJR for the opportunity to be a part of their What Shade Are You? Blog Hop. It was an exceptionally fun learning experience.

What Shade are You with Kate Rawlinson

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

Hi my name’s Kate and I’m relatively new to quilting (you can find me on Instagram @iamkatotron) so when RJR got in touch and asked if I would be part of their “What Shade Are You?” blog hop I was delighted and a little nervous. What could I make? I wanted to present something that was my own design but I had only ever recreated other people’s patterns before. I knew the colours I wanted to work with and had a blast looking through the colour-card picking out my fabric choices – the cotton supreme solids are fantastic. The richness of colour and the weight of the fabric made this project a dream.


I chose a ditsy floral from Cotton & Steel’s Lucky Strike collection for the back as it’s one of my all-time favourite prints.


So fabric in hand I searched in earnest for inspiration. I found a picture that was quite interesting – a close-up of a fabric weave and decided I liked the idea of creating depth but in macro scale. I started cutting in earnest and actually finished the quilt top before I realised that it just wasn’t working. It wasn’t “me”. I still haven’t figured out what my style is yet but I knew that this wasn’t it. So what to do now? I took a break from thinking about it and decided to play around with the scraps from the quilt-top. I improv-pieced them together and matchstick quilted them to make a cushion cover. I even used scraps for the piping! It was really fun and I liked the process of free-form piecing.


I decided to incorporate that element into my quilt – but the scientist in me likes order. How could I combine the two? Well the obvious answer was to use the improvised pieced top as “fabric” and make some giant blocks. I went for flying geese – a true classic and I love triangles. I really like the discordancy between the chaos of the random piecing and the rigidity of the flying geese.



I added some straight-line and free-motion quilting that was inspired by 1980s vector graphic videogames and echoed the colour of the fabric with my thread choices. I used 28wt Aurifil for the quilting in the main body of the quilt and Guterman variegated for the free-motion quilting of the geese. I also finished my first successful machine binding!


I am really happy with how it turned out and I loved working with RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids.


Many thanks to Rachael and Demetria for all their help. Happy Quilting!

What Shade are You with Casey Johnson

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

“What shade are you?” Flying Geese Quilt Hi my name is Casey, I am 26 and I love quilting and thread painting. You can check out my work at caseytaylorthreads.com, or Instagram @caseytaylorj I could not believe it when RJR emailed me about participating in their Cotton Supreme Solids block hop. No one had ever asked me to participate in their blog hop, so I was very excited! When I received the color card in the mail I was blown away by just how many color choices they had to offer. I don’t normally work with strictly solids so I had no idea what to make or what colors to choose. I decided to pull a color palette with greens, blues, red, pink and mustard as my color inspiration! I chose 15 colors (including 5 background colors):

The colors I chose for this quilt are:
Tickled Pink 330
Caviar 345
Anemone 251
Carolina 313
Proud as a Peacock 289
Kelly Green 127
Sprout 249
Peridot 342
Golden Topaz 285
Bandana 367
Greyhound 321
Burlap 310
Linen White 32
Kona Coffee 117
Sand Dune 193

Wow when the fabrics arrived I could not get over the vibrant hues and how soft and how much body they had.


I knew what ever I decided to make I couldn’t just use solids, I had to toss in a few Cotton and Steel Black & white prints (obviously).
Here are the Cotton + Steel Black & White prints I used:
Bear hug metallic
Flock metallic
Hoos there
2.5″ Gingham Black
Petite Plus
Sprinkle Black Cat

I wanted to create a unique pattern with improv and modern piecing. While I was way outside my comfort zone, why not draft a large paper piecing quilt pattern… So, I created my own flying geese pattern that graduated in size from 12″ wide to 1/2″ wide geese. For the centers of the flying geese I pieced together slivers of solids and B&W fabrics creating fabric to cut from.



For the background I used a graduation of neutrals from light to dark.



To give the quilt a modern feel I left a bunch of negative space in the background.


For the backing I pieced together leftover colored solids, Cotton and Steel B&Ws, and background fabrics.


Since there was a ton of negative space, why not play around with graffiti quilting to enhance the body of the fabrics and the texture of the quilting? To continue with the modern/improv feel I quilted using Aurifil 50wt thread in a variety of colors that coordinated with the Cotton Supreme Solids.






I bound the quilt in leftover solid scraps and B&W fabrics.



Finished Quilt Size: 52 x 60

Happy Quilting!

XX Casey