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What Shade Are You with Bethany Miller from PlumEasy Patterns

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

Hello to Makers everywhere! My name is Bethany Miller and I’ve been a designer for PlumEasy Patterns for two years.

may 2016 Portraits

PlumEasy’s first pattern was the Easy Folded Star Hot Pad. It is a traditional 8-inch four-layer folded star. For many years people have been asking us if would make a larger sized hot pad pattern. When RJR Fabrics approached me about participating in their What Shade Are You? Blog Hop, I knew an expanded hot pad would be stunning in their Supreme Solids.


Fabric Colors: Flamingo 338, Night 280, Hot Pink 217, Electric Blue 296, Rio 311, Marvelous 332, and Golden 285


One of the things I liked a lot about working with RJR’s solids was that they held their shape when pressed into prairie points, which is a great feature when pressing as many as I had to for this project. Is it ok to classify fabric as being cooperative? Because these were.

And as you can see, layer by layer the star is born


The fabric contrast continues to add brilliance with each layer


For binding I used three shades of pink. And you can now see that the hot pad is now all finished!

If you want to see a complete tutorial on how to create your own Easy Folded Star Hot Pad make sure to come and visit us at PlumEasy Pattern’s!

Happy Quilting!

What Shade Are You with Wendy Sheppard

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Hello, my name is Wendy Sheppard. I am most excited to be part of RJR’s What Shade Are You blog hop – my first RJR hop ever! QBV03_PieceBlock_12_crop_resized

Come meet my Blueberry Pie House wallhanging quilt (finishes at 24″ x 26″)!

Style Shot1a

Style Shot1b

This wallhanging uses a total of 2 gray and 5 blue solid FQ’s, combined with 3/8y of white solid.

Style Shot2

Here are a few more pictures of the quilt. You can see from the pictures how solids are excellent in highlighting machine quilting!

Style Shot3

Style Shot4

Style Shot5

Due to the fact that this little project having little (and many) pieces, I have cut and constructed for the each section as I go along – instead of doing all the cutting at one time. I have also written the instructions that way so that it’s easier to keep track of the pieces. I hope that will work better for you too.

Now, if blue and blueberries aren’t your thing – you can easily substitute with your favorite colors! How about reds for a Rhubarb Pie Ranch, yellows for Lemon Meringue Lodge, or purple for Muscadine Jam Cottage, orange for Orange Cake Bungalow… I hope you will have fun making this little house wallhanging – enjoy!

Want to know how you can recreate this amazing wall hanging quilt? Just click on the link to make your own Blueberry Pie Quilt!

And make sure to follow Wendy’s adventure’s with quilting by following her at her blog and also don’t forget to also check out her Instagram for more fun pics! @ivory_spring

Happy Quilting!

What Shade Are You with Erica Lynn Friend

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Hello from my lovely corner of the Midwest! My name is Erica and I am the “head stitcher” at ELF & Company! I specialize in quilts and pillows and offer custom sewing services.

A little background… I have always been interested in sewing, I was taught and encouraged at a young age by my mother who is a professional tailor. My first quilt, which I still have and needs some repair, is made from twelve fabulous fabrics – ROYGBV with the six tertiary colors in between. Each of the fabrics consists of seven chromatic stripes (6″ wide) from light to dark and we cut 6.5″ strips from each, then assembled into a beautiful rainbow of 6″ x 6″ square. Stitched in the ditch, backed with rainbow hearts, and zig zag bound in white bias tape, this blanket was, and still is, my pride and joy. After much Googling, I still have yet to find this same fabric!


Contact Erica

Fast forward to present time and I’m still at it, and even started my own company about a year ago. I gave a “peace out” to the 8-5 world and I now fill my mornings, afternoons, nights, weekends, sleeptime with fabulous fabrics, graph paper, geometry, sketch books, quotes, online fabric/notion shopping, and most importantly my sewing machines!

I decided to take my color inspiration (with a few of my creative additions) from my favorite fashion designer (you can find her on my wrist, ears, phone case, etc etc) from her Fall 2015 High Point home accessory line. I had the wonderful opportunity to join my interior designer mother in law, closet designing step father in law, and logistical, heavy lifter, business runner husband at the International Furniture Market in North Carolina last October. Kid in a candy store does not start to explain my excitement! Snapping pictures on my iPhone as I walked miles upon miles through beautiful lighting, furniture, rug and accessory showrooms, I was inspired every step of the way. My pillows represent textures and patterns I found throughout the trip. The round pillow is designed after a wood topped side table, intricately pieced, much like a quilt. Hexagons were in no shortage, so the black, white and grey pillow was born! Chevrons, while some could say are on their way out, are reimagined in a vertical layout and inspired by nautical hues. Last but not least, the herringbone green pillow was a no brainier, this pattern is found from floor to ceiling from wood planks to decorative moldings!


RJR Cotton Supreme Solids are a joy with which to work! Never have I had a solid cotton fabric come out of my dryer after pre-washing with such little pressing to be done. I am a pressaholic, pressing after every row or column, I love how beautiful each piece looked sewn together after this step. I look forward to adding more of the beautiful hues to my fabric collections!


Thank you for reading, and follow my Instagram @Ericalynnfriend for more inspiration!

What Shade Are You Logo 2016

Hi, my name is Melissa Bonilla, and you can find me on Instagram as @msboni83. I also run an Etsy shop called August Lane Sewing where I sell bags and accessories that I sew. I have been sewing off and on for most of my life. I started out (poorly) hand-sewing Barbie clothes from upholstery fabric samples that my mom had when I was elementary-school age. I learned with my grandmother how to sew on a machine starting off with lined notebook paper. My first real project was a long skirt made on my mom’s machine, with her help of course. Right after high school, I took a beginner sewing class at Ventura College, in California (where I grew up). We made a knit t-shirt in that class, and that was my first introduction to sergers. The next semester I took a beginning quilting class with my mom and my aunt. We all loved it!


When RJR contacted me about participating in this blog hop, I knew I needed to make a bag. I am kind of known as a bag lady in my local quilt guild, the Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild. I knew I wanted to make something big, and the Poolside Tote by Anna Graham of Noodlehead stood out as a great option. It’s such a fun bag! And it is such a great size, perfect for carrying all my kids’ stuff to the pool.

totebag2 copy

Once I finished the big bag, I decided I needed a small pouch to hold smaller items. The Open Wide Zippered Pouch (also from Noodlehead) was perfect.


I loved the selection of Cotton Supreme Solids available from RJR! Purple is my absolute favorite color, and it is so under-represented in my fabric stash because so many companies don’t produce good purples. Not so with RJR! I was able to find several great purples to combine for my project- the only problem was narrowing down my selection.

insidetote copy

These fabrics are so great to work with. They don’t hold on to wrinkles, and they glide through my sewing machine like butter. The colors I used on the outside of the bag are Caviar, Grape, Amethyst, Jacaranda, and Hydrangea, with Black for the accent/handles. The inside of the bag uses Silver and Battleship. All zippers are from Zip-it on Etsy, my favorite source for zippers.

What Shade Are You Blog Hop with Nadia @nadiashae

Hi everyone!

My name is Nadia @nadiashae and I’ve been quilting since the summer of 2013, when I needed a new hobby to get myself out of a “funk.” My best friend taught me how to use a sewing machine, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I became more obsessed with quilting later that year, when I began my graduate studies in English and needed something to take my mind off of the stress of grad school. From there, I stumbled into the Instagram modern quilt scene and the rest is history. I’ve been in several swaps and have made lovely friends since then. More recently, I became a founding member of the Central Ohio Modern Quilt Guild in my new town of Columbus, Ohio. I can’t wait to see where quilting takes me next!

Taking on a project for the What Shade Are You series was definitely a challenge for me. Before this, I quilted exclusively with prints and blenders, aside from background fabrics. I was pretty daunted by the idea of letting solids take the lead on this one, but I took the challenge head on and I added another new endeavor to the mix: large-scale quilting.

I’ve long been inspired by Heather Jones’ quilts, with their large-scale blocks and bold colors. I wanted to give it a go myself, so I used the Giant Starburst Quilt-A-Long from the Canoe Ridge Creations blog as my guide. It was difficult for me to deal with such large pieces at first, but I quickly got the hang of things and now I’m so happy with the results!


I love a good star quilt, and with the huge one-block pattern and the bold solids, I feel like I achieved my goal of “tradition-made-modern.” I was drawn to all of these colors because of their rich saturation, and I’m so pleased with how they pop against that white background. I’m pretty proud of this one—it’s the first thing I ever shared at a guild meeting, despite my nerves 😉


I can’t wait to finish this quilt—it’ll be perfect for picnicking and reading at the park, once spring returns!

Quilt stats:

Size: 60” x 60”

Pattern: Giant Starburst by Megan @ Canoe Ridge Creations

RJR Cotton Supreme Solids (clockwise from top):



Raging Ruby



Toy Boat



Background: Kerchief


Nadia / Instagram: @nadiashae

What Shade Are You with Gina @Party of Eight Our Story

Hi! I am Gina and I blog at Party of Eight Our Story, or at least I did before I joined Instagram (IG). I am very active on IG so my blog has been a bit dormant but I am happy to be here today for the RJR What Shade Are You blog hop featuring RJR Cotton Supreme Solids. My husband and I plus our 6 six kids make us a party of eight.

I am a self taught sewist and learned to sew about 7 years ago by sewing up vintage dress patterns for my twins. I soon discovered I liked more fabric than I could buy yardage for clothing so i started buying smaller cuts. I decided I would make some quilts to use up the fabric I loved so much, but you guessed it, making quilts lead to more fabric not less. There have been periods of time over the past 7 years when I haven’t had much time to sew due to newborns, toddlers, tweens, and teens so small project sewing has been most of what I have done the past 3 years. My youngest started pre kindergarten in the fall so I am feeling ready for larger projects. I have proclaimed 2016 to be the year of the quilt and will be making each of my kids a bed quilt plus one for my husband and I. There will be some garment sewing as well and I have friends I would like to sew for too!


My project was born by getting a head start on my 2016 quilt making. We recently bought a duvet cover for one of my twins because she loved its mint-aquaish color and large florals. This duvet was the color inspiration for my What Shade are You project. I chose a geometric quilt block to balance the floral print. I hope you will head over to my blog to check out more pictures and read the story of the quilt I made.


Make sure to head on over to her blog, Party of Eight Our Story, for a chance to win a fat quarter bundle, featuring the fabrics that she chose to use in her project!

Exploring color with Rebecca Bryan


Once upon a time, Rebecca taught high school, earned a masters degree, and worked in research. Back then she found her creative outlet in embroidery and quilt making. These days every bit of Rebecca’s education and mental energy goes toward raising her young children – as only a perfectionist and over-achiever would – but still finds her creative outlet in designing and making quilts.

Modern Rainbow by Rebecca Bryan Rebecca’s first book with Stash, Modern Rainbow: 14 Imaginative Quilts that Play with Color, came out February 2015. In it she explores using the entire spectrum in quilts in creative and inspired ways.


“If you had to be a color, which color would you pick? That’s a fancy question for “what’s your favorite color? My answer is (of course) ALL THE COLORS!!! Which is why for my project with RJR’s Cotton Supreme Solids “What Shade RU?” blog hop I chose blue and green solids.”

Rebecca lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her husband, 4 children, and 2 dogs. Make sure to head on over to her blog, Bryan House Quilts to learn more about her quilting adventures as well as a chance to win a fat quarter bundle featuring the Cotton Supreme Solids used in her quilt design!

Whatshaderu blog hop with Persimmon Dreams

Persimon Dreams

I found out that the theme for the RJR booth at Fall Market was going to be Paper Cranes. I instantly headed over to Pinterest for some inspiration. Once I saw the paper piece crane blocks I knew I was going to base my quilt on those. I thought a print would create a dimensional feel to the cranes and by framing them with rich RJR solids they really just pop out at you.

Paper Cranes

I was inspired by the Fibonacci sequence in this quilt as well. The crane in the lower left is the largest of the cranes. It is surrounded by three cranes slightly smaller which are then surrounded by five cranes slightly smaller with the final frame of seven cranes in the smallest size.

Paper Crane Quilt

I added two different colored fabric flanges to the quilt before i bound it to create a bit of definition as the final touch.

Paper Cranes

I love the mixture of solids with prints. I’m definitely the kind of designer that likes a lot of color and a odd color combinations. This quilt covers all of that and yet still feels cohesive. Don’t be afraid to mix and have fun with your fabrics.


Working with solids is a challenge to me and I love a good challenge. Solids are stunning and dramatic … but you have to be careful because it’s easy to see mistakes in the solids. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a quilt with RJR solids. It’s a really good way to show off your skills as a piecer.

This quilt was quilted by my aunt and long arm quilter – Barb Raisbeck of Quilts by Barb, www.quiltsbybarb.